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FLAC files not responding with WINAMP
Check Options/Preferences/Plug-ins/Input and look for the Nullsoft Flac Decoder amongst the list of .dll files.Is it there? 
Shelter 501 MkII or Grado Sonata?
Wrong Category. This is Digital. 
Good partner amp for Egglestonworks Anda II
I am using a BAT VK600SE with Andra IIs. I have also run them with a DNA-500. My room is 14 by 18 ft. There is a ton of bass energy available from those 4 12" woofers. Why not take advantage of it all? 
Tube preamp and McCormack DNA-500
Modwright SWL.I been there and done that. Really nice combo. 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
"Can you explain the differences between the standard dual differential balanced circuit and the implementation Danchose for the LS 36.5? Do other designers use the same approach?"Probably not well enough to do any good. LOL. I just tried to write... 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
Vett93 asked..."The Modwright LS 36.5 uses only one pair of 6H30s in the signal path. However, it has both single-ended and balanced inputs. How do you do that with just one pair of tubes?"Rather than using a dual differential circuit the 36.5 use... 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
Search AudioCircle For "miklorsmith" 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
Wow. Perfect. It's going to be even more better than I thought. I love the TW Acustic Tables. I spent most of my time at RMAF this fall in the two rooms hosted by Jeffrey and Thomas. I plan on buying a Raven table in the next 6 months - must save ... 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
I just reread your system and I will add that which ever pre you choose, Ref3 or 36.5, you are going to have one fantastic system there. I might venture to say too that your choice might rest more on your TT and cart choice than anything else.What... 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
I've compared the 36.5 with the separate PSU to a BAT 51se and a few months later to the 52se. The Modwright was, in my system and to my ears, better in several ways - cleaner, stronger transients, deeper SS with more air and separation. Everythin... 
ARC REF 3 or MBL 5011 - what is better buy?
Have you researched Room Treatments? I would look towards sorting your room out before swapping electronics. I own Andra IIs and it's been my experience that they can sound congested in a too small or too bright room. 
Egglestonworks Andra II: How difficult a load?
I own Andra IIs and run them with a BAT VK600SE. I have also used a DNA 500. So my experience has been only with these high current amps but I know one Andra owner using Dodd monoblocs with his Andra IIs with great results. 
fine tuning speaker placement
I would not sit 3 feet from the rear wall. I suspect those tiny variations you are seeing are from comb filtering from reflections from the rear wall.Try sitting 6 feet from the back wall. 
SRA craz racks or any other rack
Core Designs. They sell here on Audiogon. 
Amp for EgglestonWorks Speakers?
Andra II + BAT VK600seRoom is 14 feet wide by 18 feet deep. Speakers are on the short wall.