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Going to rip 2000 cds. Which software?
You may want to consider this article about ripping. ConnakerFounderComputer Audiophile 
It's 2008. Why aren't there better options ?
Don't count on the PS Audio device anytime soon and don't count on many of the options they've been "advertising." 
which external hard disc for music storage?
I highly recommend the Data Robotics Drobo. You can add more disk whenever you need and the Drobo will use as much as possible while keeping a backup copy.Chris 
Sharing iTunes files between PC & Mac?
I use a MacBook Pro as my music server and it is fabulous. No problems at all. Highly recommended. 
future of 2 channel CD sound
The future of high end audio is on disk, not disc. Format wars are done as Bluray is the last physical media. Everything will be downloads or vinyl. Downloads are already available as 24 bit / 96 KHz files. More should follow.ChrisFounderComputerA... 
Is iPod Digital Output Possible?
The Zeppelin won't output digital like the Wadia.I'm skeptical about the DLO dock since it just says pure digital 
Whats your "best of CES 2008"
The most musical sounding room and the one that I couldn't stop listening to was the McIntosh room. I kept requesting the new James Taylor reissued Sweet Baby James album and just got lost in the music. Sure some rooms may have sounded more accura... 
CES Day 1 Photo Gallery
CES & T.H.E. Show are quite an experience for high end audio lovers. With only a couple local dealers (if you're lucky) in many areas you don't get to hear much of the equipment out there. It was weird thinking to myself that I wouldn't want s... 
CES Day 1 Photo Gallery
I got my 2nd and 3rd (final) galleries up now. Enjoy. 
CES Day 1 Photo Gallery
Hey guys - I was too busy to get back to this board to answer questions. So, here it goes.The big table on page 30 is from TransRotor. Can't remember the model, but it was an impressive piece of equipment.The flaming Wadia unit is not a DAC, it is... 
wireless/USB audio to receiver
A manual misleading? No way :-) It has probably been translated backward and forward a few times as well.ChrisComputer Audiophile | Turn Down The SilenceBlogging live from CES 2008, Jan 7-10 
wireless/USB audio to receiver
"must be non-copyrighted (no ripped CDs - crazy!!)."If I might ask, who has non-copyrighted music and how does the player know if the music has been copyrighted? I believe all music, whether registered with the government as a copyrighted piece or... 
iMac based system -- any advice?
If I were you I would probably use a squeezebox to get your music to your stereo and then use an external DAC between the squeezebox and your stereo. Not too hard to do and very convenient. - ChrisComputer Audiophile | Turn Down The Silencehttp:/... 
PC Audio Basics
Think of it as your Mac Mini replacing the transport part of your CD player.mac mini>external dac>pre amp>amp>speakersor mac mini>external dac>integrated amp>speakersYou could use the DAC inside the Mac Mini, but that would be... 
Mac Leopard, iTunes, apple lossless best backup
"I'm not sure if it'll work, but within iTunes there is a "back up to disk" command - not sure it will work to an external disk though"This is only for backing up to DISC not DISK. I wish it worked for both.- ChrisComputer Audiophile | Turn Down T...