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Streaming Preamp without a built-in DAC
That’s not going to work. What you need to do is connect the outputs of your digital source components to the digital inputs of your DAC, and then the DAC’s analog outs to analog inputs on your preamp. Exactly! I am looking for a preamp that conta... 
Music server with two outputs, considering Lumin D2 and Mytek Brooklyn Bridge
Auralic Altair has both XLR and RCA live at the same time. Using both myself. 
Spatial Audio X3 Open Baffle Loudspeakers
I am truly intrigued by the new X Series. Currently own the M4 Turbo S plus a Rythmic/GR sub, and really enjoy them. Connected to an Auralic Altair streamer/pre-amp, Rouge Atlas Magnum amp, Denafrips ARESII DAC. As I consider upgrading to the X5, ... 
Seeking Speaker Recommendations
I have a set of Spatial Hologram M4 Turbo on trial, just about to the end of the 60 days. They are NOT going back.  It took 100+ hours of break-in to get to the decision. I really enjoy them. 
Streamer/DAC recommendation
I have an Altair, use it as a preamp to my Rogue amp. 1GB SSD installed, I load up the SSD thru a wireless network connection. iPad mini to control the Lightning DS software. The Altair handles Tidal MQA with Aurulic’s own processing. It all works... 
Tekton custom grills
The solution is simple. My advice to Eric is to out-source the manufacturing of the grills, then add the extra cost into the price. Out-sourcing would solve the delivery issue, and the added price may reduce the demand for those pesky buggers. Hap... 
Recommendations for music network player
Auralic Mini or Altair. Does Tidal, MQA ( with Auralic's decoder), can install an SSD inside the units for music storage. Lightning DS is a pleasure to use. Compatible with all resolutions including DSD. 
My experience with the Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S
I just received my M4 Turbo S today. Fresh out of the packaging they have an impressive sound stage. Will be playing burn-in tracks on repeat for a while to get some hours of break in. Looking forward to hearing these in full glory! 
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
I had tried the Electron, but ended up returning them before the trial period ended, they were to replace my (vintage now?) B&O Penta's. In the end I preferred the Penta's smoother/more even range of sound, so I could not justify the $2750 for... 
Teckton OB Sigma speaker
Hello @denman I have an interest in your WNY Audio Society, as one of two members of an Erie, PA audio enthusiasts.  We too (two) are interested in hearing new equipment and demoing our systems. I an especially interested in hearing the Spatial M4... 
$1000-$2000 Floor-standing speakers for larger room w/NAD 326bee
4425 says " I would strongly consider a mint used pair of Revel F206’s which list for $3500. Overbuilt with sound quality far beyond its price range. These are great speakers and I’ve been around the block many times. Much pride of ownership once ... 
$3000 Speaker Search
Very much enjoying my Revel Performa3 F206. Were a bit forward in the beginning, but as they break in they get better and better and better by the day.  They are cosmetically very nice, I like the magnetic grills. Been a few late nights lately, ju... 
$3000 Speaker Search
This is pretty timely, I just went thru this same exercise. My room is 12’ x 11’ and we have similar music tastes. I ended up ordering the Revel Perfoma3 F206 for a great deal so I am going to try those. One I have them tuned in, I plan on trying ... 
Tekton Electron has been released
@lula It is here...http://www.tektondesign.com/electron.htmlNo wait, it says 6"...But the picture is definitely with the 8" woofers and dome tweeters. 
Tekton Electron has been released
The Electron has been updated on Tekton's website, now shows the 8" SB woofers and dome tweeters.