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@mazian I think if you’re bi-wiring (2 sets of speaker cables, one amp) or bi- amping (2 sets of speaker cables, two amps) you’re right, you don’t need jumpers.    That said, I had good luck to my ears replacing my stock brass plates (~$4K pair o... 
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
I have to imagine most of those who are considering spending $40K on an amp (not me) would take the time to compare and determine their answer to that question? My experience listening to $40K+ amps (not sure what you mean by ‘when someone tells ... 
Recommendations for HiFi Listening Room
@brewerslaw - marginally more than a newb myself, so take the following with the appropriate dose of salt.     You’ve rec’d a ton of great advice already - lots to consider there. I would also endorse the Harley and Smith books mentioned, if you’... 
Streaming with the Hegel H390
The 120 and 190 got the Roon ready update early March, but unfortunately nothing yet for the 390 or 590. Hopefully soon.   
Best Phono Stage
I think you’re getting some great rec’s here. Another +1 for the Modwright 9.0x. I love mine and expect to stick with it for a long time. Admittedly have not had the chance to A/B it with many of those mentioned here - I suspect many are great.   
Dunlavy SC IV Speaker- Any Good???
Could email these guys with any specific questions on them. They seem to know their stuff, each own the Dunlavy’s (one a III and one a IV I think) and they’re over the moon on them. I believe they’ve talked about re... 
$100K system build - % breakdown of spend
Thanks @petaluman and all others. Fair point about the room. The room now (and in the future) is not a TV room. I think windows will be the main obstacle. Similar to my room now, I’m probably destined for a main floor room, mostly dedicated to hif... 
$100K system build - % breakdown of spend
I suppose the benefit of subs depends on how low your speakers go, at any price. Granted, the Sonetto’s only go to 42 Hz, but I think the Rel’s (19 Hz) would be additive to many very nice speakers. They make an enormous difference in my room at hi... 
$100K system build - % breakdown of spend
Thanks for the replies. A little color: The current room is multi-use and has more glass than ideal, but all in all could be a lot worse. Irregular shape, about 15x20’, with 18’ ceilings. Setup takes a little dialing in with an opening on one sid... 
Audio Research I/50
No meters, I don’t believe.   
Audio Research I/50
Ah - maybe it was there (lbtech link) all along and I missed it the second time through somehow. Thanks @stone1   
Audio Research I/50
@rsfphil i had linked to a preview above that, at the time, said something along the lines of “like all Audio Research’s recent offerings, the I/50 will have auto bias…”. Curiously, the article has been changed and no longer references that. Can’t... 
Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0
Thanks @thiefoflight - much appreciated.   
Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0
I just posted in the Analog section wondering about Modwright, Luxman and Allnic phono pre’s for use with an AT Art9XI. Anyone have any experience with Allnic’s newish H-5500? Or care to project based on experience with a 1202? Thanks.   
Audio Research I/50
Curious to hear reviews here and to learn what’s next for ARC.