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Wine, audio, and music. How many of us Aphiles enjoy wine when listening to music?
https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/best-drink-while-listening-to-your-rigThere is another similar thread on this topic. 
Best Jazz pianist
Makoto Ozone.His work with the now-retired Gary Burton is phenomenal. 
Bob Dylan MoFi
fromunda OP127 posts01-11-2016 2:03amWe are talking about MoFi Mono reissues. Different from Sony Bootleg Series releaseYes, I know they are different.  I was just trying to say that there's a treasure trove of all kinds of Dylan material to be r... 
Bob Dylan MoFi
As "bpd24" says.  Well said.The "Original Mono Recordings" from 2010 covered his official releases from 1962-1967.  There is still a treasure trove of tape, both released and unreleased, that is said to be coming out in mono.  Sony has a lot of  D... 
When rap came out 30 years ago I thought it was just a fad
I came out a lot longer than 30 yrs ago.  Just listen to (and watch the video of) Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67u2fmYz7S4This is where it all started.  Seriously. Dylan was/is a "f@@@ing" genius 
Bob Dylan MoFi
I heard this, too, from someone in his band.  But, what is talked about vs. what actually happens are two different things.  Just use the example of David Bromberg's sessions with Dylan that never saw the official light of day.  But, here's hoping! 
Do you remember when Audiogon was just a bulletin board classified ad site?
sc53666 posts01-07-2016 8:46pmI joined the site back in 98 or 99 too. I remember some really cool guys back then, somebody named Sean who knew a lot, a guy named Bill (?) who was great on the forums as well. I bought a lot of jazz LPs from a gu... 
Plinius 8200 MkII -- best integrated ss amp?
burges511 posts01-08-2016 10:43amWhat is the difference between 8200 and 8200 MkII Not sure, exactly; however, the MkII does have an upgraded power supply. 
Do you remember when Audiogon was just a bulletin board classified ad site?
Yes, used to love that old site.  I left for a while, then came back in 2002 under a new username.  Loved rec.audio.marketplace, too.  I hang around Audio Asylum, too. 
Album which you have listened to most?
This thread has had a good shelf life!  I probably replied some years ago, but can't be bothered to search.  In any case, tastes change.  If the limit is three recordings max, I'd have to go with the following.  One caveat:  I listen to a lot of D... 
Cabasse dealers in the US
That sucks.  When I contacted Cabasse some time ago, I got a personal response for Christophe Cabasse himself.  However, I believe either he's out of the business or sold it.  Not sure.  Let me see what I can do.... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
bdp24772 posts01-01-2016 6:44amAnd don't overlook Love And Theft, the follow-up to Time Out of Mind. It too is a good one. Produced by Jack Frost (aka Bob himself).I agree completely.  L&T is brilliant.I see that Rolling Stone listed his ne... 
Favorite CD treatment Products
Here's a very unflattering "review" of this and similar products:http://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=2342And a more flattering one:http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com/2014/05/essence-of-music-two-step-cd-cleaner.htmlAnd Geoff Kait's review:http://www.ste... 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
I was listening to some Bill Charlap (jazz pianist) yesterday afternoon.  Went really nicely with Port.  Dylan, later in evening, with an IPA. 
Best Jazz pianist
I like many of those mentioned.  Of the newer generation of pianists, I really like Bill Charlap.