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Help Me Explain Power Cables to my Guitar Friends
Thanks for the responses, all! Here's the rub with the guitar guys: Many of them are just plain prejudice when it comes to audiphilia. Unfortuantely, it's just an attitude problem. What's surprising is how vitriolic the responses are to a suggesti... 
Help Me Explain Power Cables to my Guitar Friends
Ghostrider, you make a good point. However, I once used an acoustic zen tsunamic pc on a Marshall in a very dirty ac environment, and it took really helped get rid of a lot of EMI that was messing up that amp's performance. There's no doubt that t... 
Sophia Baby and Primaluna Prologue One
Apples and oranges. Different power ratings, different curcuits, different configurations. I have the Baby, and it is quite good, especially with a good power cord. However, it's just a power amp with one input and a volume control. The PrimaLuna ... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
MINI Cooper S. This car provides some serious competition against this hobby. It's a tweeker's delight (I've already added a 15% pulley and a CAI)--kinda the equivalent to adding NOS tubes to your preamp :-) Ah, so many hobbies, not nearly enough ... 
Best Jazz of 2004? Please Participate
Gotta add one more: Denny Zeitlin Trio "Slickrock." If you've never heard of DZ, check it out! Bet you'll like it! 
Best Jazz of 2004? Please Participate
Roy Haynes' "Fountain of Youth" Bill Charlap's "Somewhere" and "OH!" featuring John Schofield, Joe Lovano, Dave Holland, and Al Foster. These have been in heavy rotation for the last year! 
Need post-y2k OUT jazz recommendations
Hey, thanks, all, for the great recommendations. I especially enjoyed the Jazz with Bob Paralocha link. I used to listen to Bob way back when he was with KJAZ. Obviously, there's a lot to check out here! Thanks! 
Guilty Pleasures?
Cheesey Soundtracks! Can you say Flash Dance???? 
Aggressive, live, electric blues.....
Also try Son Seals "Live and Burnin'" on Alligator. The first four tracks are pure smoke! The rest of the disk is quite good, too. Basically it's a set of power Chicago blues recorded in a smokey club in the 70s. 
Guitar playing audiophiles, Martin or Taylor?
Neither. I will only play electrics! G&L's and PRS's! Here's a link to some of my music, too: 
Swamp Blues King
Hey, thanks for the tip. In a similar vein, I heard E.C. Scott's newest, and it sounds VERY good. That gal can play! 
BAT VK-xx owners: Where do you buy 6c33b tubes?
Thanks for your responses, all. I decided to go with, simply because I buy a lot of stuff for my guitar amps from them, and I've had the best of luck. Seems like the going retail for these is about $30 a pop (no pun intended). Any... 
BAT VK-xx owners: Where do you buy 6c33b tubes?
RCprince: Yes, I have heard that these tubes can do funny things. Everyone I have spoken to in the last couple of days reports a lot of arcing, "coughing, and spitting" as they are about to blow. That is what's been happening to one of mine lately... 
Speakers for Roksan Caspian $300-$600?
If you can swing a deal, Soliloquy 5.0 monitors are pretty nice. 
Audionote Soro SE, or cheaper single-ended?
Jphii: Thanks for your clarifications. I should add some of my own. The Fox is pretty good, but it becomes a different beast with the addition some NOS Sylvania 6sn7 wgt ("Chrome Domes"). It's performance is a little flat with the stock tubes (I t...