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Lampizator question
I've had the Lampi DSD almost a year. Use it and the PBD MPS-5 almost every day in the mastering rooms. If I were to upgrade, I'd LOVE to have the Big 7 in the studio. Lukasz, you hear me??? 
Wilson Watch Dog suitable amp
Dave is using a Parasoud A21 to drive his Thor's. 
Wilson Alexia 20x15 Room
My room is 22 x 13 and I don't have a problem. I wish I had 15' to work with. 
The Plangent Process playback system? Huh?
The process corrects for wow/flutter..... that's it. Recorders can only add 2nd order distortion, which is good. 
The Plangent Process playback system? Huh?
Jamie, once distortion has been recorded into the music, you can't take it out. It's like taking the distortion out of the guitars of SRV. Do you take out the good distortion, or the bad distortion? You can't differentiate. Like I said, It's a sol... 
6 or 8-channel DAC suggestions?
I'd say the exaSound. If you can stretch your budget, my choice would be the Merging Tech HAPI. 
The Plangent Process playback system? Huh?
Yeah, there's more problems than wow/flutter with those tapes, and that's all the PP does. 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
I had the opportunity to use the Lampi DSD in my system for a few weeks. I'd say it's as good as my Playback Designs MPS-5 at 1/3rd the price! 
Joseph Audio RM 25XL speakers
I had the RM25si speakers for years and loved them. This was my first dynamic speaker, being a long time Maggie owner. 
floor standing speakers with powered woofer
Evolution Acoustics floor standers 
Tascam DA3000: Analog to Digital Recording
I've had mine for a few weeks now. It sounds better than my modified Korg MR2000s. Yes, it can record all your tape and vinyl and do location recording. The unit records on SD and CF cards. You can also connect a USB hard drive or thumb drive to m... 
Anyone try Mogami Neglex for balanced interconnect
Great solid cable. I use it all the time. 
Stillpoints and reference-level speakers
I put the Ultra V's under my Alexia's. I'd tell anyone that got reference speakers that the Stillpoints are mandatory! 
Wilson Alexia - what's the competition
I replaced my EA MM3's with the Alexia's. The other speakers I've heard and compared them to are the Focal Maestro, Q5, ISIS, Rockport and G1 Giya. I felt the Alexia's were the best of all with the least compromises. One of the reasons I chose Ale... 
Best one-chasis CD/SACD player under $15 000?
Playback Designs MPS-5