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McIntosh or Audio Research preamplifier?
Is this a bit like asking should I buy a great preamplifier or should I buy a great preamplifier? 
Question about a music server
I have about 2000 cds on my MAC - lossless. These cds average about 300MB each. If your discs are similar than you should need about 210 gigs. I think that the max for a cd is about 800MB (over 80 min of music). At 800MB each you would need about ... 
Headphone Amplifiers
You ought to check out Head-fi to get advice 
uncompressed RVG
I own many RVG remasters and while some, IMHO, are better than others I don't have the same criticisms that others seem to have. 
iPod docking station - Belkin vs Wadia vs Arcam
You might want to look for this information on headfi as there are a large number of folks that use such things at that site. 
Experience bringing older gear up to date ARC, CJ
Parts connexion did some nice work on my ARC pre. 
Cambridge 840c or Pioneer PD-65/Benchmark DAC 1
I have no experience with the Benchmark DAC. That being said, I am very happy with my 840c. 
Which Herbie's Product is Best?
I have not used Isocups but I am very happy with the Tenderfoot footers. 
Best jazz or blues female vocalist ever
Bessie Smith 
DIY cable cooker for power cables? Male IEC?
I think that Music Direct sells the part that you are interested in. 
best sub $1000 amp to mate with tube preamp
I have really been enjoying my ARC SP-9MKII/PS Audio HCA-2 combination. You could contact PS Audio to inquire about the impedence match with your pre. 
Best pramp for Acoustic research vt60
I used an SP9 MKII with an Audio Research VT-60 for a couple of years and loved it. I think that an SP9 MKII can be had on Audiogon for $750 or less - you can't buy mine!!! :) 
Acoustical Solutions or Auralex LENRD bass traps
I really appreciate the very useful information that all of you have provided. You have helped me a great deal!Craig 
Out of print live Hendrix Cds:
I have "In The West" and "The Jimi Hendrix Concerts" on vinyl. I think that "The Jimi Hendrix Concerts" is better. 
LIttle Dot II+ Headphone Amp Review
I use a LDII which is modded with an Alps volume control. I think that this unit represents one of the best audio values available.