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Rubidium Clock
Interesting discussion. I'm using Oscilloquartz 8607 powered by custom PSU and very happy with results in my Aurender/dcs system. Problem now is availability of 8607 on used market so your option could be very interesting alternative 
Purepower APS a reliable product?
No, unreliable with terrible customer service. Repeated broken promises with repair to my PurePower 2000+. 
Need advice on rich sounding cables
I'd suggest either Siltech or Vertex. Currently I use Vertex hirez with my Anats and certainly a very good combination 
Wilson Watch Dog suitable amp
Bought a Velodyne amp for this sub. Works very well and the addition really adds weight to the sound. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Updating garage. Current cars are Porsche Cayenne Turbo (for regular commute from UK to Austria), Porsche 996(fun daily driver, cheap and no worries parking in the city), Abarth 695 tributo Ferrari (wife's shopping trolley) and Maybach Zeppelin (u... 
Review: Schnerzinger X-5000 Kabel - audio cable Interconnect
Thanks for the background information. Maybe I should give them another listen.Even so it is surprising that the manufacturers allow their cables to be showcased in a poor system. It is not exactly a professional approach. 
Aurender S10 compare to the best cd-players
I use DCS Scarlatti and Aurender s10. My 5000 cd disks are now in packing cases because I only use the Aurender. USB through the DCS clock sounds best, particularly since I added external 10mHz reference clock 
Review: Schnerzinger X-5000 Kabel - audio cable Interconnect
Just spent an hour listening to the demo of the complete system with these cables. Whilst the system produced a very quiet background and some very pleasant sounds, it was best described as over polite. Sounds such as solo violin sounded devoid of... 
What did you own in the 60's?
Garrard 401, decca arm and my II ffss head, Quad 22,ii amps, Quad esl57 speakers. I bet that system would still sound good today! 
Cable Upgrades DCS Verdi,Purcell, Elgar, Verona
Update on this topic. Now using Aurender front end into DCS Scarlatti 3 box stack. Eventually settled on Siltech Signature digital and analogue cables very happy with the sound. 
what is the best power cable for the dCS Puccini
With my DCS Scarlatti stack I use Siltech Ruby Hill. For me the g6 and g7 Siltech cables work very well indeed, giving resolution without edge. 
Cable Upgrades DCS Verdi,Purcell, Elgar, Verona
Now using all Vertex HiRez for clock and firewire. Not heard anything better.Just ordered DCS Scarlatti stack so might have to re experiment to see if cable choice is best for the new system 
Best DAC for Sonos
I use DCS Purcell/Elgar Plus.Sounds great but I would like to get a clock input socket on the Sonos so I could synch it to the DCS Verona Masterclock. None of the Sonos mod people seem to offer that option. 
Cable Upgrades DCS Verdi,Purcell, Elgar, Verona
Currently running Siltech G5 on clock cables and Vertex Illimani on the firewire. Vertex cable seems to produce the biggest change. Design included mechanical damping which seems to "clean up" the sound quite a lot. Result is loss of edge and more... 
I'm using a Verona with my Verdi Encore/Delius. I've just acquired a Trak 8821b GPS frequency standard so next step is to set that up to take the GPS clock signal into the Verona. Anyone tried an external GPS reference into the dcs stack?