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random thoughts on THE Show
Had an excellent day there Friday. I do regret missing the Wilsons. My favorite room had Silverline Bolero Supremes with a 1/4" tape source. Went back a 2nd time.Venice Audio's setup was very nice. Ocean Way (never had heard of them) had these big... 
TADAC repair?
I didn't know he had passed. I loved his pre-amp.He was a very nice guy and extra helpful.Sorry. No suggestions. 
Loud Hum with Fubar DAC & NHT PVC
Marakanetz, We didn't listen when they told us to watch out the the speaker makers' haircuts. 
Steve Jobs we will miss you
I always loved this model of simplicity...“This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” —Steve Jobs 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
Was watching the Alphas pilot on Hulu. David Strathairn's character is a vinyl nut and his office has an interesting pair of speakers. Anyone know what kind they are? 
Wyred DACS
I should have been clearer. The issue was a bit of harshness in the upper range when i started to really drive the speakers. That's why I was wondering if it could have been the amp. With the pre-amp in place I settled on a volume of 67. Never had... 
Wyred DACS
Digilog5,What speakers are being driven by the Wyred amp?While my pre-amp is getting a slight upgrade and a replacement volume pot, I'm going straight from my DAC-2 to my Musical Fidelity A3.2cr amp and it's sounding a little harsh in the upper re... 
Leaving iTunes in 24/96?
Drubin,I didn't know you had to restart iTunes. How'd you find this out? Just wanted to make sure this was the case. 
Solid state recorders
I use a Fostex: use it mostly for production, but sometimes use it to digitize vinyl.Just like we all talk about DACs endlessly, well, the more you pay the better A/D chips you get. ... 
Wyred DACS
I guess i found it weird that you posted the "trusted acquaintance" follow up a day later as if it was new information, when both of the posts are copy and pasted from days earlier on audiocircle. Especially when the follow up is oddly worded like... 
Wyred DACS
Erikminer,The DAC is using a Shunyata Diamondback power cord, a Kimber USB cable, and a Blue Jeans optical cable. The Blue Jeans didn't cost a lot. So far it sounds good. Over time I'll keep A-B-ing it with the USB. Not sure I'm gonna put more mon... 
Wyred DACS
I've had the DAC-2 for over a month now. I'd guess it has almost four hundred hours on it. I first compared it to my old Lite DAC-AH from Pacific Electric. The Lite DAC has a super hot signal and distorts sometimes. It sounded decent but I've been... 
Wyred DACS
yes. there's a phase button."Also, is there a phase switch on the DAC-2 remote?" 
Wyred DACS
The W4S DAC-2 has balance control using the remote. 
Wyred Dacs--Thoughts?
Third day of breaking in the DAC-2. Impressed with many aspects so far. Not being very analytical. Just getting used to it. superficial aspects: it's an giant SUV compared to my little Lite DAC-AH; i like the dimmable display; the controls are tho...