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Help Me Name a New Band
Help Me Name a New Band
Tube Preamps?
You can probably get a Rogue for a good price. Cary SLP98 is a pretty nice preamp. You haven't stated how much you want top spend? 
Audiophile Truth 26
Disagree with the premise. I wouldn't place most gear in the snake oil category. In fact, in my mind, snake oil is reserved for mostly outrageous tweaking devices and maybe some of the wild promises made by some cable manufacturers. 
Your gonna like this....
Isn't it the record companies that are producing CD's. In my opinion, record producers and engineers are destroying dynamic range by compression and I think most people agree that this is the major problem. They think that recordings need to be lo... 
What is "low ball"
Herman, if you are referring to my post, I myself am not offended by any offers of items I have sold in the past. Like another poster mentioned, some of these offers are so ridiculous, you just have to laugh. I was recounting an episode that happe... 
What is "low ball"
In many cases, it's subjective but overall, I think lowballing is when a buyer offers a price for a product that because it is so far below the current market value, it is actually kind of insulting to the seller. The flip side is that some seller... 
Fed up with people making noise at classical shows
Haven't been to a classical concert in about 5 years, but I remember the same thing occuring, the sneezing, coughing, but without an air conductor in the first row. It's mystifying because it almost seems at times, like people do it intentionally.... 
Electro-Harmonix 6550 in ARC
I have tried both, but in a CJ amp. I like the Winged C better than the EH, just had more detail. Currently using the TungSol 6550, very good, balanced sound and tubes seem to last a lot longer than either the EH or Winged C's. 
It was 44 years ago that...
Jimi Hendrix "Are you Experienced" 
Tube amp beginner
I would wait until I had more money to spend, maybe just a $1,000 will open up a whole world of choices and something newer and maybe better quality. 
What is your listening level?
I find it amazing that many of you actually measure the db listening level. I guess I am missing something, since all of my life, I just turn up the volume to the level I enjoy. It may vary for different music, different days or even time of the d... 
Tube question for the electrical engineers
Personally, I would have called Mcintosh with the second incident. Mullard is a quality tube and my experience is that they do last beyond 10,000 hours. You might also get some good feedback by redirecting this post to Audiogoners that own a MAC C... 
Best Live Album Ever...
The Who, Live at Leeds 
What did you get for Christmas?
4 lumps of coal which I placed under my cd player. Excellent vibration control and the bass is tighter and more clearly defined.