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Step up transformer for Benz Ebony TR cartridge
Mulveling,you were spot on correct. I received the Benz Micro Ebony TR cartridge yesterday and paired it with the Bob's SUT with a 40:1 gain capability. Its a magic combination; all the reviews are correct. very nice choice.thanks 
What speakers for horizontal tri-amp configuration
Correction. PMC, ATC, & McIntosh. 
What speakers for horizontal tri-amp configuration
Thanks. So far I have only seen PMC and ATC with this capability. 
McIntosh Vintage C22 Telefunken 12AX7 or ECC803's?
Larryi, your right the 803S are bright. I am currently running 2 MC275's in a horizontal bi amp config with all Telefunken 801S, 802S and 803S NOS tubes. Adding 803S to the C22 pre-amp will be too much. I am going to experiment with a softer tube ... 
How good does a TT have to be for a good cartridge
Mechans, I'm curious what decision you made after reading all the answers and the results? 
McIntosh Vintage C22 Telefunken 12AX7 or ECC803's?
Mechans,I like the sound that the currently installed Telefunken 12AX7s provide, very lush and not analytical . I have just 2 objectives with considering the 803s; reduction of noise for phono and increased performance in clarity or sound stage if... 
McIntosh Vintage C22 Telefunken 12AX7 or ECC803's?
Larryi,, yes I am referring to the NOS Telefunken 803s from the Ulm factory in West Germany. I agree with your assessment. I am considering the NOS 803s for the C22 but they maybe too bright. Hence why I was looking for opinions. Thanks for your p... 
Step up transformer for Benz Ebony TR cartridge
Mulveling, Talked to a few experts, read several reviews and exchanged emails with Bob; I ordered 1 Cinemag 1131 today. Thanks for that reference.Also, what cables are you using from the TT to the SUT and from the SUT to the Pre-Amp? I am consider... 
Step up transformer for Benz Ebony TR cartridge
Thanks for the detailed in put. Your response, which is much more detailed that I can be, is much appreciated and unfortunately what i expected. The dealer is still checking but I think if I want to hang with a Benz and keep my Lyra i will have to... 
Step up transformer for Benz Ebony TR cartridge
I have a Lyra Erodion SUT and enjoy it. Any thoughts on its abilities to handle the TR? I would like to purchase the Benz Ebony TR and prefer to pair the Erodion with it.I see the Erodin specs 2 to 10 ohms spec. Is that a show stopper for the TR a... 
Best MC step up transformer
I use a Lyra Erodin. Very transparent, does not color the sound and let's the cartridge do its thing. 
New AMG tt just arrived.
Documentroom,That's for all the posts and a shame about the designer.How would you compare the AMG to the clearaudio wood innovation? 
B&W 800D or ATC 150 Passive
thanks for the comments. I suspect you are correct that the active ATC's are better than the passives.I like the sonic flavor of "tubes" and the vintage MC275's/C22 with the right tubes hit the mark. I am running a pair of ATC passive 150's now; d... 
Usher CD 7 MkII
I use one. It's ok not great. Uses Cirus logc for the DAC. For better sound Swap the fuse out with stronger higher quality and use external DAC. 
Victical bi-amp or mono block?
I agree. Monoblocks would be much simpler but I hear from many (in person not on this web site) to set up a horizontal bi-amp with an active crossover for max sound quality. I may just have to set up both to experience the difference myself.thanks...