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Reliability of brand
Had a Bryston B60. Lightning strike killed everything in the room. Sent to Bryston repair center. Forgot to mention the strike (dumb) so they called me and asked what happened. I told them straight away.They said and I quote: "We don’t usually war... 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Choosing gear based on reviews and not my ears.  :8( 
What do/did you do for a living?
Fine Art Photographer & Faux Audiophile with Compulsive Gear Lust Syndrome. Industry Captain / Forensic Verminologist (Retired) / Neerdowell 
Any Love For Bryston Here?
Have a 4B ST singing in my listening room now. It's maybe 10/15 years old? Bought it used and one of it's lights was didn't match the other. Bryston fixed it under warranty, no problem.Had a 3B-ST before that. Lightning strike took it out.  Brysto... 
Sub to complement KEF LS50s: SVS vs. Rythmik
nobel100Wow, thank you for the input. Your last point is one I've wondered about over the two years I've had the SVS...positioning. I recently read...who knows where...that in spite of traditional wisdom (i.e. you can't tell where those frequencie... 
Sub to complement KEF LS50s: SVS vs. Rythmik
Great info! So i have the LS50s in a small room (12x14) with a single SVS SB-1000 with an all solid state front in (Mytek + Bryston) except for my vinyl and feel like it integrates nicely.  One of the original pluses of SVS for me was their tuning... 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
MJQ always paid attention to their sound.  Dedicated to Connie comes to mind. 
Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?
Siri's Svale Band ‎– Blackbird (1st cut) - sold many a speaker. Joseph Audio used it as their demo SF Stereophile show in '80s?Makes you want to start smoking again . . . and by a ticket to Norway.  
Sound bar in a box . . . can't understand dialog.
I did something similar, threw together a patchwork of left over mini-monitors with an old Kyocera receiver.  The monitors are attached to the doors so they swing out of the credenza cavity and don't excite the volume like the soundbar did.   
What unknown musical artist would you like to share with your fellow audiophiles?
MarizaPortuguese Fado was, in many ways, revived as an art by this stunning woman. 
Brooklyn DAC+ Anyone?
Has anyone run the Mytek Control Panel software via Wi-Fi or some other way to remote the controls?  I have a Brooklyn+ that's fairly new and am trying walk thru the multitude of options. It's a pain to keep getting up and going over to my PC/serv... 
So maybe a re-sampler, transport or DAC?
Thanks Steve/audioengr. I saw some of those recommendations on your website. Really nice set.  I'll try some of the easy (i.e. cheap) ones first before I look at try to convince my significant other that I need a $1200.00  tX-USBultra...:8)My PC ... 
So maybe a re-sampler, transport or DAC?
One other thought.The Axiom II does not have input switching so I have to unplug/plug it's inputs to switch from analog to digital and vice versa.  Would love to have something to do that switching. Can some DACs can pass thru an analog signal to ... 
Sound bar in a box . . . can't understand dialog.
Re: pillows...Damn, I like that! Will try the experiment.Re: the wife thing...this is my second pass...don't think I'll try that experiment again.Re: better soundbar.  Actually, I think this one is dying so may be in the cards.Cheers, Dan 
Sound bar in a box . . . can't understand dialog.
tls49Thanks. I’ll ck the model number in the morning. I suspect there’s no center speaker since it was sort of bottom of the line. The free standing approach I tried worked somewhat but would be a pain to set up each use. The next rainy day I’m go...