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Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect
@temmple No, I made my own cable. My right speaker is 25' from my amp.  
Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect
I have the Zavfino Statements & VH Audio Pulsar Ag Digital or Analog Interconnects for my turntable & phono stage. When I was in the market for cables I tried (compared) the 2 said above, plus the NEI-3001. The NEI's went back, they just d... 
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
I was using the nakamichi bananas for years until I tried the Viborg connectors. I experimented with the pure copper/silver plated & the pure copper ones. To my liking, the pure copper was a winner with my system.   
Amp — Leave on or turn off
SS, 2 amps & Pre-amp on 24/7 Tubes, on when I'm listening.  
20 Years?
Congrats all. Been almost 10 for me, & also learned some interesting fax. And also learned that some of the members should keep their negative comments to themselves. Not that I got SCHOOLED.   
Don Sachs Owners Thread
@ptrck887 , I have my unit sitting on a 2’’ maple platform & tried many different materials & Panega heavy feet that made a huge difference in PRAT with my unit. I’m also trying some Maple Shades heavy feet on top, but don’t hear any impro... 
Accuphase E-5000 factory power cord good enough?
Look into ''Ice age cable". Good pricing for what they are.  
Experience With Cutler Hammer (Eaton) CH Series Panels
I have an Eaton sub panel for my system via a Square D main. As long as your not using an Fed Pacific you should be fine. Just insist on an EMP Shield while he's there.  
True 8 Gage banana plugs
KNU-Concept... I used these with 12/2 wire. https://www.knukonceptz.com/search-results/sp/eks-bfa-banana-plugs-set-of-4/    
Seeking Legit Cartridge Expert?
103r rebuild, Rosewood w/Rosewood headshell;  
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
EMT 948, with MRB stylus.  
Technics SL-1210G Headshells, Record Weights, and Mats
@badgerdms glad to hear monies spent wisely. I have the Teac which is minus the carbon, that is now on my EMT. I've been bouncing around the record weight for a few months now, but I'm going to hold off for now. Enjoy the music! Dan  
Efficient speakers -- What was your journey from A to B to ?
In the mid 70s my first REAL speakers were Beckers, then in 78, Heresy’s came into my life. I ve’ had all the Heritage series except K-Horns. Still have Cornwall lls, Chorus lls & LaScall lls with Altec 311/60s on top. All my speakers have ALK... 
Technics SL-1210G Headshells, Record Weights, and Mats
@badgerdms, let us know how the Carbon Signature works out.  
Vibration Question