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Personal amp evolution
Counterpoint SA1000; Threshold S100; Pass Aleph 0 Monoblocks; Audio Research DS450M Monoblocks. 
Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Davis's Kind of Blue
John Coltrane--Crescent; Dexter Gordon--Our Man in Paris; and from the guy who in my opinion is the most underrated jazz player of the last 60 years, James Moody--Last Train From Overbrook 
Magnepans and cats, do they mix?
Several speakers and (very sadly) several cats ago, I had a pair of MG-1s. For a couple of weeks after setting them up, I sprayed a bunch of rags pretty heavily with the stuff that supposedly smells repellent to cats (can't remember the brand name... 
cheap used transport vs cheaper cdp w/ digital out
The Thetas will indeed be a huge improvement over your Rotel while they work, but I have on three different occasions (Data Basic One, Data Basic Two, Voyager) convinced myself that the exterior construction (which is indeed tank-like) and a great... 
I Have 100K for Speakers?
A variation on the point Audiokinesis makes seems to me important. Two of the reasons 100k speakers seem crazy are (i) we plain can't afford them, and (ii) even if we had a 100k nonrefundable gift certificate to a high end store that only sold spe... 
FM antenna
If you can find one (and if you are willing to wait a bit and look around, you likely will) consider a used Day Sequerra Urban FM Antenna. I have had the Magnum Dynalab antenna with and without a signal amplifier in my system, and feel that the Ur... 
Personal turntable/cartridge evolution
1980 Technics with AudioTechnica1982 Thorens with Shure V151984 Mission with Grado1986 VPI HW-19 Mk. II with Grado arm and different Grados2003 VPI HW-19 Mk. II with Grado arm and Transfig. Esprit2007 VPI TNT HR-X with Transfig. Esprit 
Balanced Y Adapters--Where to Find
Thanks everybody--I had no notion that there would be this much variety. 
Special Remote Control Need
We had this issue with my mother-in-law several years ago. While I don't have a particular model to recommend, I will say that it is very important to pay attention to finding one that makes changing the settings fairly difficult, or else you will... 
another with the digital lens
Theta Data II = 4 
Held up in customs
Sadly, I think that a lengthy hold-up is a real possibility. If memory serves, there was actually a closeout deal some years ago on a cd transport or player (want to say a Roksan model, but I'm not sure) where the stated reason for the pricing was... 
Nakamichi ST7- Are these amps close to Threshold?
I remember the Threshold product as superior, but they had a much larger range of amps, only the bottom end of which was close to the Nak product pricewise. I owned the cheapest Threshold, and was happy with my choice, though it would be unfair to... 
Revel Salon/Studio Owners What setup do you use?
Aron, I looked at both the Salons and the Studios with some care and decided that the Salons were worth the difference to me. The Studios are terrific speakers, but still sound like speakers, not music, when challenged by sudden frequency extremes... 
Are "Used" Revel Studios worth the money??
I'm a big Revel fan, and have listened to the Salons, the Studios, and the F-30s pretty seriously. I think that each step along that price progression makes sense, i.e., that there is good reason for the Studios to cost significantly more than the... 
portable cd with digital out?
Yes, they exist. I have an old, old Sony with a toslink out. Mine dates from the days when even the slightest bump to the unit would create a skip, and would not be suitable for any application in which the player was jostled much during use.