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MSRP, diferentiation and the illusion of value
Salk Sound uses Satori drivers in some of their models. I heard one at RMAF. Excellent sound.  
Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
How can this help me buy a car? 
Rel vs the world
Look into DEBRA or SWARM subs. They produce less bass nodes in your room. Less money than one REL 25. Made in US.  
What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
I use Iso Pods from Voodoo Cable. Work well for me. Under Dac and 70 pound SS amp.  
What do you sit on?
I sit on my fat a$$ per the wife. And it is on an IMG recliner and ottoman.  
Putting weights on speakers?
A friend bought lead shot. Put 50 pounds on each speaker. He had someone sew velvet bags the fit that space exactly. He is pleased.  
Record Cleaning Machines
Kirmus. Finally used mine and totally made sense. And it is surfactant you spray on the records. Which makes sense.the results were beyond my expectations.  
Streaming: WiFi or wired??
There are so many ways to slice and dice streaming. Wired is best, but a solid wifi mesh is excellent. Orbi works well. I run ethernet Cat7 out of the Orbi.Streamer is Ultrarendu from Small Green Computer. Uses Roon/Tidal/Qobuz and my ripped CDs. ... 
Looking at Focal
I see Kanta 3 for sale refurbished. $3699 each. Google is your friend.  
Are these fake?
Look just like the Furutech GTX outlets I installed. But save your pennies for the authorized product. I buy from VHAudio. It will arrive much sooner too. 
Upgrade to Maggi 3.7i or Tekton Moab?
Also check out Pure Audio Project. Open baffle like a Maggie but with dynamic drivers for the punch.  
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
Kenjit, you just named six brands of box speakers. What? You argue with everyone about box speakers. Are you new to audio?Read more, argue less is my suggestion. I won’t do the google searches for you. 
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
Bob540, the Linkwitz speakers disappear and present music in a natural, organic way. Since they are lightweight, you can keep them against a wall then move them closer to your listening seat when you want the best sound. Seigfried Linkwitz was bri... 
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
Built Linkwitz Orions in 2006. Still my main speakers. Built the PVC Plutos in 2008. Stunningly good, odd looking, speakers. Small footprint. Lightweight and easy to move. Work best somewhat near field. The Pluto sound more like real music than ma... 
DartZeel CTH-8550 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Mononlocks
Read John Atkinsons measurements of the Dartzeel. Ouch.