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Pass Labs 150.8 and XP-20 versus PrimaLuna Dialogue Premier HP integrated
i have an xa30.8, xp20, and xp 17 phono.they make wonderful sounds. 
What are the weak points of Pass amps and pre-amps ?
I have owned a number of Pass Amps and pre-amps, as well as several First Watt Amps.Right now I have a xa30.8, and x20 pre and x10 phono.Every Pass amp and pre amp I've owned has sounded a bit different, but they've all sounded excellent.The peopl... 
Sellers Beware!!!
The first thing I do after a paypal is withdraw it from my ppal acct and transfer it to my checking. Once it goes to "processed", i ship.I could care less after that. 
what are the tradeoff for these cables?
I use an Isoclean Super Focus from my amp to the wall.It makes my system sound fuller, rounder, and warmer, without loss of detail. Every other piece of cabling is Nordost Valhalla: pc's, ic's, and speaker cables.The Isoclean nicely removes the sl... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
The First Watt SIT2. 10 watts driving a pair of 100db sensitive Tannoys, matched with a Pass xp20 preamp and Pass xp15 phono, wired with all Valhalla cabling.┬áThe sound is as good as I'll ever need. 
Best short-lived band?
Plain Brown Rappers 
Monitor speakers that disappear:best image/staging
Okay. I'll third it. I've owned the Shelby+ Kroll Nano monitors for two years, and they will TOTALLY disappear on most recordings. And by disappear I mean put-your-ear-right-up-to-the-speaker-to-make-sure-they're-working disappear.Couple it with t... 
Pro-ject Leather-It in the States
There is a guy who sells nice leather TT mats on Ebay. $27/ mat. Smooth leather on the up side, a grippy suede for the down side. Or you can get suede for both sides. And they come in colors. And they work. Noticeable sonic improvement. Good guy t... 
New Tweek - Has anyone ever tried this?
I invited a family of Cohens into my living room, but presence of the Cohens did nothing to improve the sound of my system. 
Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
Chris,Do you know if Shelby+Kroll is still in business?David Rosenblum 
Best lines in a song
"I like drinkin' marijuana and smokin' that LSD." 
Looking for help with speaker upgrades...
I second what Rodge827 posted about the Shelby+Kroll system. It really does deliver a huge soundstage. It also provides fantastic detail, is tune-tune-tuneful, and very involving. Bass is clean and tight with easily heard tone and overtones. Dynam... 
What`s your fave Audiophile Chill Out recording?
Anything by Ry Cooder. 
Speaker Hiss
Amp is a Pass X250. Preamp is a Pass X-1 with the gain set below 2db. 
Your First Concert was.....
Bobby Vinton at The Fountainbleu Hotel on Miami Beach.I hated him...until I saw him in person ( and with my parents for God's sake).He was amazing.Seriously.