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Classe CA301 or BAT VK-500
You couldn't go wrong either way ! 
We are less audiophiles , and IMO prices are on the high side. I sold something 2 weeks ago, but I priced it to move, if others price things to move I might enjoy trying something different, but just my opinion 
Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members
Respond with a counter offer higher than your asking price 
comcast upgrade
Every once is awhile double check its still on 1080I sometimes switching sources can send the box back to default, but I have noticed mine will finally default to 1080I , for about 2 months the default was 720p, so take hart Comcast users , someti... 
comcast upgrade
I had simlar issues with Comcast , not as bad , its default was 720p , anyway you dont need a new box, what you need is comcast to send out software patches . may take 3 or 4 weeks but they will get them resolved . And forget about talking to Sale... 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
Lol I was just kidding . I enjoy my 2 channel setup , I enjoy multichannel if recorded properly. But 2 channel can be better than multi channel if your front two speakers are high end , and the rest of your speakers are mid fi.The bottom line is i... 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
Because God gave us two ears. If he gave us 5 , then multichannel would be better. 
HDMI - 5 m 16.5 ft -long - what to pay attention?
Sony makes nice HDMI Cables , flat , I own the 5 meter , The model; number is Sony DLC-HE50HF , less that 60 bucks on Amazon. I like it better than my Audioquest. SQ and PQ superb. 
802d's with Classe CAM 350's or a single CA-2200?
"I have heard the 802's with the CA-2200 and loved it".Go with the CA-2200 , The CAM 350's are nice but they are 10 years old. 
Need advice on CD-Player
Balanced Im still a big fan of Classe. 
Emotiva XPA-5 or 5 XPA-1's
Emotiva amops are good however I dont like the mix with Classe amps. The voltage gain on your Classe is 29, On Emotiva its 32. That means at the same volume level The Emotivas will sound louder and you will have to play tricks with your calibratio... 
Power cable affects interconnect.
Elizabeth is very wise , stray voltage can make your system sound dull. Always DAP to keep power cords away from interconnects , and yes the less stay voltage around your room is good for your sound , good for your mind and good for your body. 
Cable Recommendations for Entry Level
Blue Jeans are a good buy, also on Amazon a company called Ethereal , the EP line is quite good for the money , Tbe cables are also nice looking , not too thin, not too fat , sound similar to Kimber 8TC's.And Yes definetly you would want to take t... 
ATI 2005 or Emotiva EPA-5
I would go with te ATI . The voltage gain on a Classe is 28DB , The voltage gain on an ATI balaned is 28dB The Emotiva 's voltage gain is 32DB . That means calibrating your sysytem is alot trickier with an Emotiva , because at a standard volume , ... 
How high the rears?
The orginal posters room size is not huge , its similar to mine. I would suggest just above ear level. Otherwise in a room that size the surround sound can completely go over your head. If we all had Lucas size Home Theater rooms that would be a d...