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Audioquest Dragon power cable.
@kennymacc that makes sense, for integrated it’s a different story. They usually was more sensitive to power cables       
Audioquest Dragon power cable.
Nobody has the right answer because it’s system dependent but I tested HC cables on my Pre Ref6SE (never audio quest) and the richness at the beginning fooled me thinking it was a better sound but with time I realize that it brings way more detail... 
Seeking Legit Cartridge Expert?
Miyajima Kansui or Fuuga  there are a lot of options depending on your taste but at least look for high output that will help   
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Borresen X3 or X6 they are an amazing choice  Marten Oscar Trio really good too  Wilson Sasha DAW used or Sabrina used too  You are save with those choices   
Looking for intermediate-step Streamer: better than BS Node and not @ Bartok level pricing
Hola! DCS is a good brand but also very very detailed and can be fatiguing, I used to have one, so it can be a blessing in disguise’s 😂 that it was out of your budget.  DAC and streamer or server are a team and you should be aware of that. Also ca... 
any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?
@cundare2 hi, I used to have the 2700 with the DAC2 and it is pretty good. DAC 2 is way better that DAC 1 and the upgrade is worth it.    my 2 cents and good luck   
any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?
I am testing the Boulder 866 and definitely it’s an amazing product of you can stretch your budget it’s totally worth it.  As people mention here some McIntosh are good too   good luck   
Help settle a streaming argument!
@drlou77 I wish I could tell you that there is no difference but it is and a lot, probably it was one of the biggest improvements with Innuos but before ordering one I will suggest you to test it in your system, fortunately there are great Innuos ... 
Horns with good timbre and tonality?
I have been looking for some and the Tobian TS sounds pretty good, I think “Horns” from Germany too, Stein Music and Acapella Audio Arts   
Help settle a streaming argument!
@polkalover I really like the Innuos Mk3 too, great streamer I had it and even gets better with a good power cable, audio grade switch and good Ethernet cable. In my case the Shunyata Omega, Phoenix Net and AudioQuest Diamond.  later I upgraded to... 
ARC amp differences.
ARC service is great don’t be afraid of that. Besides they are very reliable, if you can even with a small room try to get the 160s you can always run them in triode mode, more power not necessary means you will listen louder but you will have mor... 
dCS Bartok Apex vs any similar priced DAC
@seadog137 I used to own the DCS Bartok Apex and as some people love it for me it was to clinical and you need to work around a lot to about brightness  I switch to Lampizator Pac2 and I am the happiest ever. Amazing DAC way more analog, it’s not... 
What do/did you do for a living?
I am a baker, just a very good one 😂   
Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32
I will definitely try to upgrade the speakers first. You have a great system and I am a big fan of Wilson Audio. Sabrina’s are good but if you can step up with the Sasha’s your system will improve way more than the pre amp for sure. I own the Sash... 
Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb
@audiotroy shoot an email to talk about it, dave777mx@me.com