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What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
A pioneer tx6500 tuner. Beats the hell out of most surround receiver tuner sections made today. I bought it around 1972 or 1973. 
When is it time to up grade?
My speakers are Castle Howards. They work well in my crowded living room.I haven't auditioned any new speakers in a long time. Are the Castles the weak link? Replacements? 
hitachi 43UWX10B Woes.
Thanks Dlr, to answer your question no. It may have lessened it a bit but it seems to be getting worse. The Hitachi "magic focus" has no effect what so ever.The only advice Hitachi offered was to try another authorised repair service. Those places... 
How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?
Attach a few small balloon to the amp. When kitty tries to have a nap BANG.Cat naps will be taken elsewhere. Works well for cat molested speakers. 
Where R U?????
HI, I'm located in S.W.Ontario, 200km from nowhere in the town that time forgot-Ingersoll. Town motto-"When Canada cuts the cheese it does it with Ingersoll". 
Favorite SACD's
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the spot but I have to whine about SACD. No doubt it is an improvement from standard Cd, but don't you feel conned?They talked a lot of people into getting rid of their vinyl and buy the new wonder a Cd. It sounded horr... 
Need Help with Koss CM-1030 speakers
Hi Sean, I hope by now you've had a resolution to your problem.I owned a pair of CM1030's many years ago. They were enjoyable except for an annoying habit of blowing tweeters.I contacted the factory in Canada (Burlington Ontario- if memory serves)... 
Best lines in a song
She had a chassis like an XJSSkull necklace like a high priestessI thought maybe just one caressShe said You dream too much(Richard Thompson------You Dream Too Much)Mary says she's worried about herself and the kidsShe's never known anybody had a ... 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
I happened to be driving by an Audio/Video store in a near by town when an ad came on the radio saying this store had just received one of the first shipments of cd players in Canada. If you were one of the first 50 people to get to the store you ... 
Thoughts on the Arcam cd92T
I own an Arcam Cd92,essentially the same as the 92T but without the text feature.The unit is somewhat forward.Not aggresive but it does tend to throw instruments into sharp focus.That said it is an excellent player. I found it to be a better playe... 
What early 70's rock bands had violins?
Canadian duo Myles& Lenny featured an electric violin as lead instrument. They had two or three albums then folded. 
It all depends on wether or not you leave your equipment on all the time and how hot things get. The heat trapped by a plexi-glass cover will be more damaging than some dust. My house was dust central until I bought an electronic air cleaner for t... 
Aerosmith's Honkin On Bobo
Honestly I'm an Aerosmith fan. That's why I didn't take any pleasure in damning the album.When they get things right it sounds great eg. Big Ten Inch Record or Hangman Jury. To me this record sounds phoned in.No passion.No humour.Maybe it was a "c... 
Favorite Music When Having Sex
Ozfly- Nippy it does get here,but I think when I was playing the tape I was othewise occupied. Now I'm single and i'll give it a listen just for the music, and maybe a memory or two. Cheers. 
Question re Celtic/Irish/Chieftains music
I'd suggest,Bringing it All back Home.Stunning recording and an excellent line up.Davy Spillane--Atlantic Bridge.Christy Moore ---Live at the Point. This is an all time fave. Christy is huge in Ireland and should be here to. It's not in the Cheift...