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Audio Research Ref 10 vs 40th Anniversary preamp
As barrysandy said above... If you compare the 40 and 10 side-by-side, the circuits are identical down to every trace and part.  The tube choices don't really matter much because you can easily put your favorite 6550 in the power supply and 6H30s ... 
How to clean vol pot of ARC LS15
There is no "pot" in the LS15. The knob you turn is simply a switch that selects different value resistors to control the attenuation. Take it in for a check up. 
audio research ls25 mk1 volume issue
The position of the volume control is arbitrary and has nothing to do with "being hard on your tubes." The actual listening level will be determined by a combination of factors, namely: the output of your source component combined with the amount ... 
Audio Research Ref210 vs Ref300 vs VTM200
JWM, I have not listened to the VAC PHI 300 amps. 
Is my room doomed? Pic
Your room is an echo chamber period. You need at least a large area rug and probably more. There are way too many hard surfaces and not enough compensating absorptive ones. All of those hard surfaces accentuate higher frequencies making the sound ... 
arc pre-amps SP-9 LS7 or the SP12 with vandersteen
The LS7 is a more transparent line stage than the older SP9 mkIII and earlier versions. 
Rogue vs ARC
I used to sell both ARC and Rogue for several years. The Rogue gear is nice for the money and more round and tube colored sounding. Bass is not as extended or tight, highs are not as extended or open, nor is there as much detail. But the sound was... 
Replacement for Audio Research LS-8
I am not familiar with the speakers, but certainly the Rotel piece or the Class D amps. I also can't comment on the PS Audio modified DAC. 
Replacement for Audio Research LS-8
Why do you want to replace the LS8? I'm not sure that it is the weak link in your system. 
Power output of tube amps compared to solid states
Yes Pubul57, the signal does have to fight its way through all of that copper wire, but as we have learned over the last couple of decades, the dielectric is as important as the conductor and air dielectrics sound the best in cables for much the s... 
Power output of tube amps compared to solid states
Aball's comment about "electron mobility being about a zillion times higher in a vacuum than in doped silicon" reminds me of something Bill Johnson once said about a signal going through a vacuum tube coming out unharmed while a signal going throu... 
Converting LP's to digital files
One more thing:I've tried lots of ways of doing this including using Meridian A/D converters, better phono rigs, etc. and nothing sounds identical to the record. There is always a loss. Still the results can be excellent. 
Converting LP's to digital files
I use a Korg MR-1000 and it works very well. Here is my current set up:Linn LP12/Ekos/Vallhalla/AQ FE5 > ARC PH5 > Korg MR-1000With the Korg, I record at better than Super Audio CD resolution or 1 bit/ 5.6mhz. The Korg software lets you conv... 
ProAc Response D38 Owners:
Generally, ProAc's sound best well out from both side walls and the back wall with significant toe-in, even to the point of slightly crossing them. For specific distances from the side walls and back wall, divide the room into 5th's, and 7th's and... 
anyone mated AR 100.2 w/ LS-12?
The LS12 is more natural sounding than the 100.2. Both are nice and sound great for solid state. The LS12 could fool you into thinking it's an LS16, but the 100.2 won't fool you into thinking it's a vacuum tube amp like the VT100. They would be a ...