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Value of a preamp?
@ddgtt  I agree.  A good preamp is the conductor of the symphony.  
One DAC to Rule it All
From my medium technical understanding, the main concern with digital replay is jitter, which is largely a function of timing, followed distantly by sample rates. A large culprit in jitter is a mismatch or misfit in the clock or something effecti... 
How does bi-wiring work?
The main advantage I have found of bi-wiring is the maid occasionally deep cleans the house and somehow manages to unplug very secure connections. She pulled one of the negative cables to my B&W 800 out and I didn’t notice for a week.  Ran fi... 
Started with $1k speakers … what now?
Have you run REW software on your room?  It’s free (although you need to buy a microphone off Amazon for cheap). It will tell you a lot about your room and where you can spend money the most effectively. hardest part is looking at the curve and ... 
New TT : Balanced vs. Unbalanced Connection?
@baylinor  VPI actually sells a ready made balanced connection in its accessories.     $500 with cardis wiring and connections.  It’s on the website. Two screws and five wires.  Plug in.  
ifi LAN iSilencer
@augwest    see my post above.  It’s a low rent surge protector. specifially an LAN galvanic isolator.  There about $13 on Amazon. My wife (and all doctors that hook up patients to anything computerized) use them to prevent patient shock in th... 
New TT : Balanced vs. Unbalanced Connection?
I have a balanced connection from my VPI Titan to my Van den Hul Grail SE.  In fact, my entire system is true balanced and connected with XLR.  I’ll never go back voluntarily. An MC cartridge /tone arm set up wired balanced (technically called “f... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
Guys, he's made a decision and bought one. Read the existing posts once in a while before you post!   @thecarpathian  iI figured they were trying to give me buyer’s remorse. The Gryphon looks pretty amazing and is one I didn’t try. although... 
Earth (isolated) ground vs. wall outlet ground.
@gs5556  ”No. It’s almost certain to violate your local electrical code. It is to ensure that circuit breakers trips when they have to. Grounding your electrical system to more than one location can cause breakers not to trip during a fault.” Th... 
Grounding System Dissection
And, for clarity, I have no idea if this does anything.  It doesn’t seem like it would, again, unless there is induced voltage.  But maybe so. regardless, it’s a $50 DIY product or $100 Etsy buy.  
Grounding System Dissection
Regardless of what you call it, it’s a box with six diodes wired to a common .ground.  
Need a big favor picking a preamp
@maxwave  yes, I tried one out on my system.  
Need a big favor picking a preamp
@maxwave  Bowers & Williams 800D3 SVS PB16 Ultra Subs SVS SB16-Ultra powered subwoofer | Stereophile.com  
Need a big favor picking a preamp
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Need a big favor picking a preamp
@rbyington711  ”Why are you asking others about what you need to hear when you listen to your own system its like asking which sports car should I drive. You won't know until you drive it yourself” To figure out what to test drive, of course. I...