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AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
I'm starting to consider separates as an option. I know that's a more expensive option, but I think it will improve the resolution of the Hales and add more separation with the surrounds. Any recommendations on separates in the $5-6K range? Proce... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy Kalabi - Bloomin il:lo - Meliadi Khruangbin - Mr. White Eric Hilton - Who are You? Tor - Floxglove Gary B - Passengers Tycho - Simulcast Yppah - Eighty One Mathew Halsall Joyful Spirits of the ... 
A perfect song? What are your choices?
Almost everything on Steely Dan's album Aja. Tool's The Pot and the list goes on...  
Sonos has released a compact subwoofer Sub Mini
I have their Gen 3 sub, which goes beautifully with the Sonos ARC sound bar.  
AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
You're right I need the MRX 1140. It has channels 1-5, two driven into 8 Ohms at 140W, which should drive the Hales nicely.  Thank you all for your suggestions!    
AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
So it sounds like I should be looking at an AVR?  
AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
Honestly I do not know the difference between an AV Processor and and AVR. I assumed they were the same. What’s the difference? Sounds like you’re recommending the MRX 740. Does it have all the home theatre software options too and 8K capable for ... 
AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
Also, beside Anthem being able to drive the Hales, what do you like about Anthem compared to other manufacturers in the $4K - $6K range? Is it superior musicality, versatility, dependability or other factors? Thinking about this particular model ... 
AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
nutty and soix any particular model?  
"A life's quest - the Contendo II Horn speaker system is realized
Ummmmmmm, Mr. Installer I need you to move the left speaker over to the right about 4.5", do you think that would be a problem? LOL!!!  
Anthem MRX 720 Question
@soix I would never let a YouTuber sway me and I have not ruled out Anthem or anyone else. I I want an upgrade from the Denon, that’s my primary objective. It also has to have all the latest decoding software and stream music content from Spotify.... 
Hegel owners - what speakers are you using
They're supposed to be magical with Maggies.  
Anthem MRX 720 Question
I don't have a dog in this one, but next year I'll be upgrading my Denon to something modern with more power and better music playback. I'm looking at Anthem and Arcam. Here's a Youtube review of both.      
Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6 starts tomorrow 09/01/22
When Zu first came out the Druid was about $3,500. Now they want $11,500!!! That's crazy.  
Magico Ultimate III - $700,000 Speakers
@czarivey Now that was funny!