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Speaker for Nagra VPA
Just closing the loop on this.  Purchased a pair of Tidal Amea bookshelf speaker.  Sound is very good.  May need more power than the 50 W VPAs.  
PS Audio Power regenerator
Thanks for feedback.  My amps are consuming 300 W each.  Connected a few days ago one amp to each power outlet bank.  Hum level mid 30 dB.  Then I added CD/SACD/DAC, Preamp and turntable.  Hum went up to 50 dB in one channel.  The channel with onl... 
Preamp 47K load. Cartridge needs 330 ohm
Thank you all for input.  Conrad-Johnson phono is 40 dB.  I have checked other preamps for moving coil, they would suggest 60 dB is a good target amplification.  So I need 20 to 24 dB.  The Chorale is rated at .35 MV.  I have feedback that suggest... 
Subwoofer for Tidal Amea (like Focal Sopra)
Thank you so much.  It sounds as this will be SVS.  I want to be able to control from phone with an App.  
Foam around treble units/ tweeters
Thank you all.  Let me follow up on the leads and see what will work!!! Jamac seems a very interesting shop. Thanks so much!  
43 dB noise level from speaker with amps (not including pre-amp)
Thank you all! 1.  I am using a basic dB app.Decibel X.on iPhone   Any other suggestions?  I realize it is not NIST and not calibrated.  Nice toy. 2.  App is helpful.  I compared impact by moving the tonearm pump to another room.  Dropped 7 to 8... 
Upgrading ET-2 tonearm to something better
Thank you.  Good responses.  I believe ET-2 is a very good arm and your comments confirm.  Also DS Audio 003 is an amazing cartridge. Thank you for your support!  
Bluesound Node 2 and Node2i with Oppo Sonica DAC
Thank you.  I think there will be a new streamer coming first  Sonore seems to make some good unit.  Thanks for all comments and support.  Always helps me move further.  
Sony SCD-777ES, Oppo UPD-205 or Marantz SA-KI Ruby
Thank you for the comments.  I am not going Marantz SA-KI Ruby based on above.  As you have pointed out there are other choices.   Marantz Holy Grail is the SA-10, not the Ruby.  The $ 1,000 discount may be due to move units sitting in boxes.  I h... 
Origin Live company support
To add to my story.  Hyendaudio fixed it.  Feedback:  The control board needed soldering and minor repair and the motor with less than 200 hours needed replacement.   
Replacement motor for Oracle Delphi turntable
Thank you. hyendaudio did a complete rebuild of my two Oracle Delphi tables.  Outstanding work. 
Best battery type for Nagra PL-P
Good Morning.  Restarting thread as I am up for replacement of my 8 D cells.  Nagra no longer sells the batteries.  Need to buy them  I hear - BatteryPlus.  Any better place?   I am still unsure about if NiCd or NiMh is the "right answer".  Are bo... 
5 cartridges - Cello, vdH, Benz, Zu, Hana - what stays and what goes?
Thank you.  I have an Oracle Delphi with Eminent Technology arm.  Actually two tables and arms of the same (Oracle Delphi 1 and 2 and ET-2 arms). Both were recently completely overhauled.to the bone.  So I could run them into my pre-amp.  However,... 
Add an external DAC. Make my Oppo UDP-205 a true top player
Thanks for the input.  I prefer a DAC over a Modwright upgrade.  A DAC is a natural fit, can easily be swapped out, would be easier to sell separately, as well as something that be used beyond the Oppo itself.  My budget is $ 3,000.  I was thinkin... 
Need to adjust the speed every time I turn on turntable
Update for interested parties.  The issue was multiple items  1.  Replaced the caps on the power board.  2.  Issues with the variable resistors to set the speed.  I may have pushed them down as I adjusted the speed frequently.  3.  Belt.  The stan...