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Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Richard Thompson 
SS quality pre-amp with HT bypass-suggestions?
try the Belles 28Alist at 4995, but used have been as low as 2100.I had one, and if I wanted SS again and had not needed the $$, I would not hesitate. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Richard Thompson 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
She came onto him like a slow movin' cold front -- His beer was warmer than the look in her eyesJohn Hiatt 
What song is your fav.Emmylou cut???
Icy Blue Heart, on the songs of John Hiatt disc 
tube question
Try the audioasylum.com, many tube gurus hang out over there. 
Best 3 to 6 channel amp for around $1000 - $1500
Outlaw Audio 
Reimer v. Revel subwoofer
I have a 12 inch Reimer sub on order. If you have not made a decision by the time I get it, I will be happy to give you my impressions. I already have Reimer Wind River Speakers.The build quality on the Wind Rivers is 5 star, so if the sub is as w... 
I have HD & plasma - recommendations on AVR
Outlaw Model 970/Model 7075 Combo! 
Modding CDP's
Keep your marantz?, APL hifi modifies the 5400. may want to E mail Alex and see if the 8400 has the same upgrade capabilities. 
12K new/used to spend
Zingali 215 for sale nowin your budget. 
Balanced Pre for Bi Amping Recommendations Please
Hifijunkieoz,I have been very happy with my Space-Tech Labs pre amp (tubes). It is custom built to your own needs and specifications, based on the speakers and power amps you have. I had extra RCA outputs added to my pre amp in order to bi-amp my ... 
Reimer speakers
Bill, I am nowhere near you, but I just received my Wind Rivers and matching center channel.... Go for it. The Craftmanship is excellent, and the sound is better. I am told it will just get better after they break in. Had zingali overture speakers... 
Has everyone heard the Waif's?
I also was not familiar with them until recently. I had downloaded a few songs from the brief history disc, loved it and just bought the whole damn thing. If they ever come to my area I would definately travel to see them live. 
Speaker Sugestions Wanted $1500 max
Reimer McCulloughefficient, Talk to Neil. He can give you all the details(has ads here on 'gon. I am waiting for my wind rivers to arrive this week.