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So, what's up with this, Audiogon?
Not sure how anyone but a mod might make any sense of your posting if you don't even include a link to the thread you're talking about.  
Replacing dead woofer on ProAc Tablette Sig 50 (NYC area)?
So if you can get a couple woofers shipped from Toronto, who cares if they come from Toronto?  
The problem with PLC
They would be more successful as a speaker company if they didn’t use this jingle as the theme song in their advertising:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPItNLXT_pw  
Spending a month's salary
🤣🤣🤣Aside from real estate, I have 16 years worth of salary in the bank 🤣🤣🤣 and I recommend you stick with what you’ve got and add some headphones until you acquire a better room and more experience.  
Buzz from mouse in speaker
You might be expecting too much from an audio interface that costs the same as a takeout dinner for two made with parts that costs the manufacturer the price of a jumbo fries. Try substituting with something better and send it back if it doesn’t h... 
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
@digitalviper: See a lawyer for free consultation. You could also run your request by the minions at ASR and see what they suggest. I can’t recommend them highly enough for those who want to buy cheap junk under 100 bucks with no domestic warran... 
More Bass
Likely your room or the way they’re set up, but without a pic, who knows?  Knowing what amplifier you are using might help too. Also, what’s with your 7" woofer reference? I thought they had 7" midwoofers + 10" subwoofers.  
Incredible improvement in sound quality
I just direct warm water from a gentle shower into each ear once in awhile.  
Speakers for a unique small room
You have room problems and you can change the speakers all you want and spend crazy money on upgrading (or crazy money on downgrading) but it will all be a waste unless you can fix the room first. Speakers should be put where the left and right s... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
You need a dedicated listening room for guests like that. Must contain: A pool table A pair of Bose 901s hung by chains from the ceiling and run with a 6’ high rack full of cassette decks, equalizers, tuners, amplifiers with lots of pretty light... 
bose 901 and i pod
Yamaha A-S series has neither pre out/main in jacks nor a tape monitor loop. So you won’t be able to use the equalizer with this amp. Links below to the similar A-S801: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/new-yamaha-amp.853963/ https://audiok... 
Stereo image off-center
Check with a mono recording, not with Diana Krall.  
Great Small Room Speakers for $3-5k
The problem with tiny speakers like this is that the sub crossover needs to be high. I had the regular LS50 with SVS sub and they were unsatisfying for all but the lighter stuff. No Zep for you! Even though your room is small, choosing speakers th... 
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
The Dynaudios I linked to earlier play loud. I have the passive version and the maximum SPL per pair at 1 metre spec is 127dB. This is over twice as loud max SPL as Klipsch Heresys. Not too many floor-standing speakers will even play that loud. Th... 
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
Most of the recommendations here are nice speakers but don’t play very loud compared to the ones that do.