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Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
Music streamers generate a lot of high frequency noise so filtering at the power cord can keep them from sharing that noise with the other components.     
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
I used to listen to his music a lot. Always needed to hear a song a few times to get familiar, but then I’d be hooked. @koestner maybe a sit down to discuss music over pancakes at St Alphonso’s  
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
Those were popular speakers. No wonder in some circles he became an Over-Nite Sensation  
Time, Wear, and Technological Evolution
Great thoughts from Soix and Mofojo. Even moving them 6in further from the wall may solve the 50hz boost.  If the cones are showing age or dried out surrounds those can be repaired cheaply anyway. I'd focus on power cords and conditioning first ... 
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
It's a term of art so i treat it that way. To me it describes how I feel when listening to music whether live or recorded. Does it engage me as oppose to overwhelming me with sound or conversely just bore me. Maybe say PRAT+ I get how this is hi... 
Integrated Amp ideas for a very young audiophile
What's the financial sense of getting him a cheaper 'starter system' only to spend more to upgrade in a few years? (Especially given his ability to hear the differences in audio quality.) IMO the Atom is a strong solution in that it is compact, ha... 
Mat for Rega P10
  A very positive experience with the Herbies Way Excellent 2 compared to the Linn felt mat for me. I have a 2mm that Herbies recommends for the LP12 so no measurement issues. Makes a much better connection to the platter which I suppose is how... 
What was your first record?
Hot August Night. Neil Diamond. Bought on a recommendation. Still have it.   
What happen to MQA on Tidal?
Right now my mixes on Tidal still show MQA and CD quality songs.   
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
@daveyf I just chatted with my local Linn dealer and he did say that there’s less wear and tear on the tables nowadays. Especially for the ones with the with the newer motors - Radikal or Lingo4 compared to the older motors and suspensions. Ofte... 
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
One dealer website .. For best performance, an LP12 should also be regularly fitted with a new belt, oil charge, and suspension springs and grommets, and be ‘tuned up’. A tune up includes having all fittings and connections examined and tightened... 
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
@daveyf  I agree they're less fussy now with the aluminum sub chassis and all that, but I find that every 3 or 4 years its good to get mine tuned up at my local dealer. Typically Linn has some new upgrade available that I get when I bring it in. ... 
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
@audiovideonirvana  Not questioning VPI as a cool solution. I've heard great things about them, but I haven't heard one myself to comment.   
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
Just to pile on, Linn tables need to be tuned up every 3-5 years so lack of a local dealer would be an ongoing problem. At your $3.5k all-in budget a Rega Planar 8 is well worth a listen. Maybe compare to a Planar 6 at $1.9k. Rega's are also low ... 
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
Or if this seems like a hassle, get the best Rega table you can afford and have fun with it.  Either way, good luck and enjoy!