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Nuclues plus bricked
Small Green Computer, SGC. https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/ Andrew Gillis is the best. Very good and prompt support. Usually responds within a day.  
Is the Technics SP10R motor controller using a switching power supply
Guys,   Thsnks for the inputs. My current SP10mk3 runs on 100v and I have a stepdown trans (300w) 120v to 100v. But was looking to svoid using this stepdown. You know how it is, too many gadgets, not enough sockets/space etc. I also have a upgr... 
Is the Technics SP10R motor controller using a switching power supply
@pindac  Any chance you can ask your friend to take a look at his motir controller at the rear. Even better, send a pic. Thanks.    
Is the Technics SP10R motor controller using a switching power supply
@pindac  Thanks for your info. I have a PanzerHoltz plinth for my current SP10mk3. It's an Albert Porter plinth. I should be able to drop in the SP10R into the plinth.  
Is the Technics SP10R motor controller using a switching power supply
@pindac  What plinth do you use with your SP10R? Can you see the back of your SP10R controller to see the inout voltage requirements please.  I have FR66s and so am very interested in the Glanz 12".  I use a Koetsu Coralstone Diamond   
How rare is an audiophile
Answer is simple. Audiophiles, US and Globally, are very rare. We should be on the UN endangered species list, and I would say the largest concentration of audiophiles are in the US. I truly don’t think there is more than 100,000 true audiophiles ... 
Feastrex Field Coil speaker repair
Hi, I know this thread is old but did you fix your Feastrex? I think going back to Festrex Japan is best choice . Replacing the voicecoil with a non Festrex would not be good and the Festrex folks are friendly. And I have a pair of Festrex F9ex... 
After 50 years, I have finally found my destination amps... AGD Audions!
I’m late to add to this thread but I’ve posted elsewhere about my reviews on AGD Audion. I’m an early adopter and started with the Mark 1 and upgraded to the Mk 2, which brought significant improvements. If you look at my profile and systems in au... 
Best Phono Stage
I highly recommend the Channel D Lino C phono. I bought it and like it very much.  See this review: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/channel-d-lino-c-20-phonostage    
AGD Audio Mk2 review
Hi testrun64,   Do you have the Mk2 version? If not, I highly recommend upgrading which is easy. Just get the new KT88 GanTube form AGD and replace by yourself. I also like to drive my amps with a preamp because I have a lot of sources, DAC and... 
Am I a hopeless audio snob?
Yes, you're an audio snob. In my opinion, because you chose to make audio decisions based on looks and perceptions...rathervthan your ears. Technics turntables are very good especially the 1200G and SP10R. Also the older generation SP10mk2 and SP... 
ifi iPhono 3 "Black Label" Anyone?
Hi audiofun, Now that you've had sometime with the iZen phono, would you say yhat the iPhono3 is better or vice versa.  Also have you tried the iPower X and Elite with the iZen phono?  
AGD Audio Mk2 review
I have heard the Duvel speakers. So yeah, we have similar taste in sound. Nice that you have the EC300B. You should get yourself some 1950 WE300B. As gor the new stuff, they are not quite there. Check out the PSVanne ACME. These are close yo the 1... 
AGD Audio Mk2 review
Hi ron1264,   What speakers do you use with your AGD Grand Vivace? I'm also considering the AGD Andante Pre/DAC as a second simpler system  
AGD Audio Mk2 review
Hi antigrunge2 and milpai, Firstly, need to correct a typo...my Fi Audio 421a is by Don Gerber, who unfortunately passed, back in 2017. A true SET genius. Sorely missed. Don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but another important point is that ...