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Top Hat Tube Dampers?
I have a pair also. I believe Andy said it was plain old Elmer's white wood glue. 
For all you Clapton fans....
Saw Cream in 68 or 69. Was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever attended. The Cream reunion DVD was a huge disappointment however. Absolutely no passion in EC's playing at all on that recording. Surprisingly, it was Jack Bruce who impres... 
Dan D'Agostino is back with a new line
Bar81- I am with you 100%. I bet they had to build all the factory doorways extra wide so he could fit his big head thru them. What a stroke.... 
Best Song Intro
A third vote for Lou Reed Live-"Sweet immediately popped into my head when I read the thread, and where I was at the first time I heard it. 
Cambridge 840C Azur through a Bryston BDA-1 DAC?
How about some opinions from members who own a Bryston BDA-1.....Did you ever own the Cambridge and what transport are you currently using to feed the Bryston? 
Rolling Stone top 100 Guitarists - Howe/Van Halen
Looking for a Great Sounding Outdoor Speaker
Papajoe- THANK YOU! We need more intelligent people like you. Macrojack- you got to be kidding me! "not done anything damaging"? Obama is fricking evil dude! WAKE UP! 
Mitch Mitchell RIP
"Like Ginger Baker, wasted potential." What??!! Chashmal- . . . you are a frickin' idiot. 
New Green Mountain Audio Website
No more Continuum 3 speakers? What gives Roy? 
Genuine Telefunken?
It is always possible to purchase an authentic Telefunken tube that is unfortunately past its prime and/or microphonic so making sure the tube has the diamond on the bottom guarantees you nothing sonically. Do yourself a real favor and deal with a... 
'they blew'em off the stage'
Pacific Gas and Electric opened for John Mayall at the Kinetic Playground (Aaron Russo's Electric Theater) in Chicago around 1969 and came out smokin'. I don't remember Mayall's lineup of band members at the time but do remember him being upset wi... 
Your First Concert was.....
Doors-1967-68?-Chicago, $5.00 
Free Gallo Reference 3 tweak
I do not own these speakers but I know that Mapleshade uses them as their studio monitors. They have developed a speaker stand designed specifically for them. Here is the link: 
Ipod Nano
Read somewhere recently that there is a company who specializes in recovering information off crashed hard drives. Maybe you can Google it to get more info. I know the cost wasn't real cheap but it still may be a good alternative to purchasing all... 
First song to "Blow You Away"...