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best speaker stands for Harbeth
+1 Ton Trager  
Why no love for Apple Music?
Apple Music runs perfectly on an iPad with the Lightening to USB adapter. Auto sample rate, clean battery power nice screen . works to 24/192 flawlessly. Much better than on a computer! The sound quality for me is no different than my 10,000 serve... 
Speaker Cable, matching to Harbeth 40.2
Cardas Clear Cygnus  
Seas A26 - Anyone heard them?
yes my misquote, its the World Designs WD25a.  
Seas A26 - Anyone heard them?
yes my misquote, its the World Designs WD25a.  
A question for Magico S1 Mk2 owners
The rating is misleading. My S1 MKII play fine with 100wpc. Since its only a 7" woofer, too much power will make the woofers hit the backstops with bass heavy music at loud volumes.  
Seas A26 - Anyone heard them?
I did both. Bought the Madisound cabinets and built them exactly to spec with the MUndorf Silver/Oil Capacitor. I also had a pair of cabinets built from 1" Baltic Birch, no port and a much more sophisticated crossover as used in the World Designs ... 
will changing to solid-state make the bass in my wilson sophias better at low volume?
The Sophia 3 has a woofer damping resistor under a cover plate at the base of the speaker. Changing this resistor to a higher value will reduce the woofer damping and allow it to produce a fuller bass at all volumes. Not sure about Sophia 2 or ori... 
Desktop DAC with remote volume control?
Second the Topping E30. Get the Jameco 5V 1 amp power supply for it. $150 plus $20. Uses the Excellent AK4493 DAC. I have one and it compares very well to DACs in the multi thousand dollar range.  
Good Stereo Speakers for outside use during BBQs, evening pot luck dinners etc
JBL Control 29 AV2 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
Please restore the site to something that works. Not only is the new interface ill conceived, it just doesn't work. Someone should be fired over this debacle. Its impossible to see all the listings for any given brand. Like many, I strongly prefer... 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
You have broken this site. Please hit the undo button and return things to a functional state. I can not find anything I search for and I will certainly refrain from listing anything until this site is fixed. Very bad move on the part of managemen... 
Harbeth 40.1 or 40.2 speaker optimization
I've owned all three versions of the Monitor 40 including the 40.2. Compared to the older models, the 40.2 are not overly bassy in my room with MOST music. (Morph the Cat and a few other CD's excepted) I do have the tweeters at ear level with trac... 
Tannoy vs. ATC
If you decide to go the Tannoy route, I have a pair of Canterbury GR that I will be selling. This may be an opportunity to get them for near the Kensington price. The Tannoy works perfectly close to the back wall and has adjustable bass ports and ... 
suggestions for a 110 to 220 step up transformer
I have several I would sell but they are very heavy 1,000 watt units so shipping might be prohibitive. NYC area.