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Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
Hilde: Added Gaia Ii to my Dynaudio C60s and the difference in midrange and bass was remarkable. I use the spikey pads on carpet over concrete. Do it!  
Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?
Remember that the first brand to purchase McIntosh from the original owner was Clarion. The Jeep thing is probably the result of UAW demands that their mechanics be enabled to listen to music while they work. That means they have to be able to op... 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
OP: This is the surest way I can imagine to bring down a curse upon your family. Just because the Queen is in heaven now doesn't mean she will do anything to save your blasphemous self!  
The MoFi Mess and TAS rolling over for them
I got a couple MOFI CD's. Gold ones no less! Should I be upset that I got a really clean copy of a really good recording? Don't see a better one on the shelf. But I think MOFI probably owes a chunk of cash to a class-action filing. It's nice to si... 
Best vibration isolation for speakers on carpet?
I have 80lb Dynaudios on Gaia IIs and the difference vs. spikes is remarkable. Not cheap, seldom findable used, worth the money.  
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
I have a mini system for background mostly using a pair of little YU-6 powered speakers by Kanto with hi-test Synergistic in and AQ A/C cables out from a used MIT power conditioner that originally sold for circa $900. The sound is extremely clean ... 
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
Put large plants around your speakers.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Radio Swiss Jazz!  
Class D Amplification Announcement
If the staff of critics at TAS deserve all this derision, how far down Hell's rings do the opinions of we ordinary audiophiles rank? Can we ride our horses under the door? 🙄  
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
Re: my often mentioned dedicated line which I love more than I should at my age. I had pros install a new master switch panel/breakers along with my new line. The codes have changed so much since my place was built that they had to update all the... 
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
When I had a dedicated line installed, my system improved slowly over the first 30 days or so of breakin. After that . . . sweet tunes whatever the cause.  
After the thrill is gone
My second reference system (c. 1975) was Maggies and tubes (Dyna 70's). I've gone through many combinations over the years and I would still take Maggies & Tubes like I do mac & cheese: Bring It ON!  
I CONFESS: I Need Additional Chemical Input
Serjio No transport tests implied or expected. That’s ASR stuff. The jam sounds good though.  
I CONFESS: I Need Additional Chemical Input
Undoubtedly all of the above!  
CDs And Green Markers. Please Don’t Laugh.
At the risk of being charged with incitement, I humbly ask if anyone has tried the new ceramic or graphine car treatments on a CD. I have some here and promise I will report back ONLY if I hear some difference. Problem is: which CD do I care the...