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Let's Talk DAC's
I ended up buying a Chord Qutest and an Eversolo DMP-A6. Very happy with both.  
Let's Talk DAC's
Point well rendered @creativepart. Right now I am down to the Qutest and the new Geshelli labs J2 with AKM 4499 and Sparkos opamps. The Qutest is double the price of the latter though. I am definitely getting a linear power supply for my Qute HD ... 
Let's Talk DAC's
I agree with you. About anything in my price range is pretty much a lateral move, so I am upgrading with a Teddy Pardo LPS.  
Let's Talk DAC's
This went south quickly.   Someone suggested that any of the DACs I mentioned are more or less a lateral move and he is probably right. Just gonna punt.  
Let's Talk DAC's
Some great responses here. Many thanks! I am assuming that I need a DDC if I am streaming via USB from a CPU. Is this assumption accurate?      
Let's Talk DAC's
The Pure Audio Lotus DAC 5 is within my budget. I will look into it. How good is the imaging? I am an imaging junkie and in a small room with the diminutive ProAc's imaging is a priority for me.  @oddiofyl- Good advice. I definitely want to buy f... 
Let's Talk DAC's
Too bad the Chord Hugo TT is out of my price range-looks real nice. @oddiofyl- Which one is an improvement in your opinion?   @Soix-That Pegasus is definitely a contender. What is a DDC? Pardon my ignorance  
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
I have been had so many nice speakers through the last 20 years (Magnepan, Snell Acoustics, Nola, KEF, Klipsch Heritage series, and many, many others) but for some reason I still have my pair of ProAc Tablette 10's. Good little speakers that are s... 
Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice
I have had a small room much like the one the OP has outlined and have had good success with ProAc Tablette 10’s. They are easier to drive than one would think with their 10-ohm impedance, and you can place them close to the wall because they are ... 
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Magnepan 1.7i’s and an IFI iPhono 3 have made a nice impact for me in 2021.  
Speakers for triode tube amps
Some great recommendations here, but I have a pair of ProAc Tablette 10's that sound great in a bedroom system with a similar tube set up as yours. They love tubes and at 10 ohms will not be hard to drive. They are sealed, so they are not finicky ... 
Why is there no love for Prima Luna?
I bought a lightly used Prima Luna Prologue Classic about 6 months after they were released into the market for about half the price of new. I couldn't be happier. The only mods have been tubes; KT120's and NOS 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. I have used t... 
Damping oil with Sumiko MMT?
That is the answer I was looking for, although I do appreciate Dopogues' advice as well.Thank you, both. 
Damping oil with Sumiko MMT?
Does anybody know the answer? 
Upgrade choices
I am sorry, I was a little unclear. I was looking for a possible turntable upgrade. I am also thinking of further upgrades on the Technics.