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Preamp Deal of the Century
Thanks. Mick also recommended the EML 45s. If the 300B are 'too much', I am sure I won't have any problems selling them. The EML dealer lives very close to me (in the Napa Valley), so it would be easy to pick up a pair of those. But first I need t... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I found this awesome thread the first time just before Mick went on his preamp building hiatus. I was ready to pull the trigger back then and was very disappointed to learn he quit the business. However, persistence paid off and in 2020 I ordered ... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
@Audio123 - Thank you for the tip. Getting my upgrade vibes going before the damn thing is even here :)¬†VERY glad to hear you are so happy.¬† 
Preamp Deal of the Century
New Chardonnay MK3 ordered after great email exchanges with Mick. It has everything I would want in a preamp: adjustable gain, balanced in/out, remote volume, gorgeous appearance, separate power supply, lifetime warranty, and tubes. Went for the c... 
CV181-z's Black Treasures in Cary SLP-05?
Thanks, after more research I also figured out that you are right about the specs and the tube size. I tried my current pair in the Cary and the base of these tubes is too big for the holes in the chassis top. and doesn't fit, unfortunately. 
Tube amp repair recommendations - San Diego?
I also wanted to share my experience with Mike. My mono amps started having issues and rather than sending them to the manufacturer I decided to give Mike a try in San Diego (I live in LA). I dropped them off on a Sunday and by Tuesday he called w... 
I need help with my Equipment addiction
I found that if I go away or leave the system off for a week or two and then turn it on I am so happy with it that all upgrade thoughts are out the door. Once they come back, I leave it off for a while again. I know, insane... 
High power amp reccomendations, airy highs a must
http://www.sixmoons.com/audioreviews/modwright5/amp_4.htmlor maybe one of the Pass Labs offerings.