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Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
This strikes a nerve.Dictating how I will conduct my self when trying to purchase an item from them .Do not tell me how to conduct myself when I am trying to spend my HARD EARNED CASH.I will ask questions in anyway I see fit or my business isn't c... 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
People that are so serious that it is hard to imagine how they even enjoy the audio hobby.....Low Ballers will be politely to being rudely ignored..??Serious buyers only..if I am asking then start selling..!!Poor pics that don't show t... 
Possibly the best pre-amp one can have
if you're reading this then you already know...
What about lazy buyers? I have heard it all..!! 
Did I smoke my centre channel..??
It definitely is the speaker. The smell followed me to the repair shop where the guy even commented "smells like you did some damage".The speaker was just sitting on the counter not even hooked up.I suspected the amp first but replaced the CC with... 
Who Has The Best service department
Blue Circle Audio...Gilbert has been very helpful on numerous occasions.When ever I have phoned or email Gilbert usually is the one answering.Top notch customer service.... 
What Guitarists Remind You Of SRV Or Hendrix?
It was a very sad day when we lost SRV.While I am not comparing,Jimmie and the Fabulous Thunderbirds,always came to mind when thinking and listening to SRV. 
Help KEF 104/2 what amp do I need to drive them?
A pair of Kef 104.2 were my first speakers and I attempted to pair them with a Hafler DH 500......not good...under powered...especially at "party volume".Just some info on what doesn't work. 
What's the "worst" cdp for the money?
Fatparrot..I hear you..The Audiogon Police should be arriving any time now.IMHO..they certainly have ended some very interesting threads....and for no apparent reason. 
Beatles: Help ?
So are you going to sell your Prima and go vinyl entirely?? 
What's the better, High Powered SS Amp?
I wouldn't classify a Bryston 4B SST as a "high powered" amp.It had trouble pushing a 4 ohm speaker .Now the 14B SST is a different story. 
Best Vintage Speakers?
I agree 100% with S23chang..I have a reworked pair of Tannoys 15" HPD that I will NEVER part with.I continue to build my system around them...Interesting thread... 
Information on Mission Electronics DAD7000.
Sorry but I didn't mean 1994 but 1999... 
Information on Mission Electronics DAD7000.
The DAD 7000 was my first CDP ,picked up in 1987.In its day it was a very good CDP.Very solid..lots of metal no plastic.In fact, my brother continues to use it.But as, so many other electronics,time has marched on and left this once wonderful CDP ... 
What's your worst excuse for an upgrade
Better buy today , I could be dead tomorrow....