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The Fastest most musical amp
Thank you all for you really great and informative reply! I started this thread as a open one without having to let you know what is my taste and my setup (since this setup is ever changing) but to try to find out with the help of our really great... 
Verity Speaker Parsifal Encore
You can't go wrong with those wonderfull speaker! I have the chance to live in Quebec, Canada at about 4 street of Verity audio (where they assemble the speaker) And one day I went there to make a visit of the factory and the guys where nice enoug... 
THE Eternal dissatisfied
Oh and yes it must be used not new :) 
Acapella ion tweeters
Detlof: What kind of equipment are you using with those tweeter ( Preamp, speaker and amp.) Do you know if these tweeter are wideband ( like the 54 Khz Tannoy) Do you think that those tweeter would be great with JMlab mini-utopia and a REL strata ... 
YBA 2alpha Upgrade Options
Hi, I personally have a HCDT Yba 2 power amp and it is a huge step toward the original 2 amp. With the High curent option the amplifier seems to have more watt power without all the disadventage of high power amp ( high temperature, bigger distort... 
JM Lab new high end speakers: any rumors?
Is the Utopia line going to lose any value for used resale market? 
upgrading - yba1a or dodson/naim cds11
The YBA1 is really a huge step toward the YBA 2 ( I have made the upgrade) I was really impresed by the souind of the 1: More detailed and controled than the 2 with better bass less boomy and more musiclike, and the mid/high was sweeter than the 2... 
Import DVDs versus USA
Don't worry all bootleg Asia copy are region less and they will play in any DVD player type. 
Great SET output and Power transformers
Clueless: Why do you tell me not to use Tamura type transformer? Have you had previous bad experience with that type of transformer? 
Audioquest or Transparent?
Gregm: Can you tell me what was the speaker cable and the ic he used? ( my room is also small)Thanks 
DVP 9000ES Mods? Worth the money?
How does the Stan Warren mon compare to the one made by modwright? Do Stan Warren have any homepage? 
Audiophile oddities
Donno, it look like some kind of tiny charcoal rock! 
Burn-in question
Do you know how to do it exactly Sean? (I have a soldering pen)Thanks 
Pre-Amp Power Supply Upgrade ????
The YBA 1 preamp have 100 000µF of decoupling 
What do you think about Audioquest Volcano?
The thing is that I dont even own those cable, neither that I've heard them, and Cornfedboy was just making a joke with the name of the cable(at last I think) for my par I think those will be my next cable in my system.