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Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers
That's totally valid. I'm not sure where you're located, which is a factor as well. Unfortunately, physical hifi shops just aren't as common these days. I'm in DFW so I do have the luxury of being able to find Rossos, and many other brands, within... 
Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers
Personally, I feel that investing 10% into the price of a speaker to set up live demos is a good insurance policy to ensure you end up with a speaker you love for a long time. With a $35K budget, that easily justifies a couple flights to see what ... 
Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers
The problem buying a speaker from a not very well known niche manufacturer is that you'll never be able to resell them cuz nobody knows about them. The nice thing about since having my Certaldos is that I don't worry about resell because I have... 
Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers
I won't go into the same level of detail as @audiothesis, but I will gladly share my experience with the Rosso line and what has consistently drawn me in across the various models. I own the Certaldo (1), but hope to be able to upgrade to the Volt... 
Technics 1200G VS VPI Prime Signature
Technics will kill it with the right cartridge for this tonearm right out of the box. So I know Technics originally showcased the 1200G with the 2M Black, but I'd be interested in what carts might be the best match. Also curious if any of the 1200... 
Technics 1200G VS VPI Prime Signature
The VPI definitely can be made to outperform the Technics, but that is not true right out of the box and not everyone has the patience or the money to go that route. This is very helpful. I'm not currently in the market, but always window shopping... 
Has anyone used A Bluesound Node 2i with an Innuos Zenith XXL MKii????
I don't think the Innuos should integrate into the Bluesound, it should replace it.  
What Speakers For Kinki Studios EX-M1+?
I would consider the Rosso Fiorentino Elba 2. Not as many reviews as others, but you won't find many negative comments either.  
Looking for a CD player
The remote is absurdly large- has controls for a whole system and only a few work for the transport. I don't mind the remote, but I'm currently still using the CXN as my DAC/streamer. In that format I think the size is more comfortable. But I coul... 
Network streamer that works with Android and Pandora
Why not just use Chromecast? It's integrated into the Pandora app, and my CXN shows up just fine. Functionality this should completely resolve your issue with any streamer using Chromecast.  
Any Cambridge users on Tidal? Differences in Tidal levels?
I use wifi. Minimal issues especially with the last few firmware updates.  Having said that, if I had an ethernet line in the room I would likely use that.  
Any Cambridge users on Tidal? Differences in Tidal levels?
I like Tidal through the Cambridge app. It's not the most intuitive, but very easy once you know the quirks. But I cannot wait for the Tidal Connect integration with the CXN to go live. That should make use about as simple as it can get.  
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
A friend of mine moved from an 845 SET to a Norma solid state amp. I'd highly recommend looking into that line.  
External DAC for Cambridge CXN (V2) and Sony XA 5400 ES
First shootout will be the Benchmark fed by the Cambridge digitally to my AR preamp via balanced interconnects against the Cambridge on it's analogue cables to my pre.I'll be interested to hear your findings as I've done a similar test but using R... 
VPI Shyla cartridge?
And as far as the bundle goes, it doesn't seem like a bad deal. Particularly if you are interested in the ART9 and Nordost Blue Heaven (assuming that's what the cable based on). So $1200 cart + $700 cable = $1900. Yes, slightly above market value....