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Bookshelf Help: Revel v. Merlin v. SFaber v Vienna
I own the Merlin TSM-Mxe's and I would never characterize them as bright. They are magically smooth and coherent. Once properly placed they throw a deep and wide sound stage that's so 3D it's scary. The bass is abundant (within its range and for s... 
Subwoofer for 2 channel high resolution system
I am enjoying a Rel B3 with my modest 2 channel system. The B3 is purely a very low octave "augmentation" in my system. Sorry, I do not know about high pass or balanced inputs. The Rel works so well in its recommended manner that I have no desire ... 
Raysonic 168 vs RA opus 21
I run an Opus direct. I've heard $30k+ digital playback systems and all I can say is... I love my Opus!I'm sorry I have not made a direct comparison with the 168. It does seem to have a large and dedicated following. That alone says something.My o... 
REL Sub T1 or T2 Good Match for Dynaudio Focus 140
Dubin you bet. I listen at mostly low-med level, in a smallish room, which can be treated at will with various bass traps and foam panels. I prefer less treatment for acoustic and aesthetic reasons.I am searching for smooth bass integration. I am ... 
REL Sub T1 or T2 Good Match for Dynaudio Focus 140
I haven't heard the "T" series Rel subs... I tried the R205 and liked it a lot. I'm now trying the B3 and like it even more. These two Rels are the best sounding subs I have ever had in my systems and there have been plenty! 
Totem Forest or Acoustic Zen Adagio
I'm in SC and you're right, it's an Audio wasteland. There are a few enthusiast sprinkled here and there, though I dont know any with Adagio's.Strange too, I have been considering both Mani-2's and Adagio's for my small two channel system. 
A complete overhaul: B&W, AMP sunfire, nad, denon
For HT, let your receiver power the center/surrounds and pass the L/R HT signal through a nice two channel preamp and dedicated two channel amp for your 803Ds. For two channel, run direct from your 3910 (2 channel outs)to your nice preamp! ...voila. 
Holy Moly Blu-Ray Disc Players below $300
I've been in several big box stores over the last few weeks. Looking at 1080p panels for a friend. I have talked with several salesmen, all of whom approached me and were selling me on the "new" High-Def DVD. There was not a single comment about H... 
TADs SS Hibachi Amps
I don't know about these amps? Something seems odd...There's really not much room for a charcoal tray at the bottom and the grate doesn't look like its ceramic coated... I figure your steaks will stick! 
Virtual Dynamics Speaker Cable
In my system (small two channel), they're the best I've owned yet but, my speaker manufacturer recommends that I use small gauge non Bi-wired. My Davids are 10 gauge and biwire. So... I am trying out other cables right now. 
Subwoofers and Merlins
I've just received a pair of TSM-MXe's and a Rel R-205. I extremely pleased with the acoustic match and aesthetically they match well too.I run the Xover at its lowest point (25hz @12dB), the Subs volume is set fairly low, and it is hooked up via ... 
Please tell me.
What preamp are you using? 
The Best of the Best Well sort of - CD players
Alextychkin says, "...it's mostly, money wasted on this type of music."Thats not true. I listen to many genre's and IMO there are no more poor recordings in this particular one than any other. I use the rule of thumb that states, you can not impro... 
The Best of the Best Well sort of - CD players
Some other players to consider... Consonance Droplet (very different looks, sounds good, and has a good volume control), Blue Note Stibbart (havent heard it, looks really technical), Shanling (they have several interesting looking CDPs, that sound... 
Rega Saturn versus Resolution Audio Opus 21?
I dont think these two players have similar sonic characteristics. Not opposite, but definately not similar. If you like the Saturn, its quite possible that the Opus will not be your cup of tea.Arthur, use the digital input on your Opus as your DA...