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Help settle a streaming argument!
That hypothesis is wrong. I use a $50K DAC, and upgrading the streamer made just as big of a difference as upgrading the DAC.  
Which DAC is better?
Between those two options, Hint 6 DAC would be a lot better, Bluesound Node 2 is a very cheaply made product and going through default RCA just degrades the sound even further. Much better to transport digital signal over a quality cable into the ... 
MSB Director: Two thumbs up!
Congrats on the DD. What input into the DAC were you using before and after the DD ugprade?  
VTL TL7.5 series lll VS VAC Master Line Stage VS AR Ref 6 VS Nagra Classic Preamp
Another vote for VTL over ARC. I've listened to pretty much all the brands and I've never been impressed by any ARC system to be honest. The VTL 7.5 III on the other hand is very very special. It is holographic and bodied without being overly bloo... 
Amp for Raidho TD1.2
With Raidho speakers you want clarity, insight and dynamics, Pass Labs don't excel in those two areas.  
Msb dacs why not alot of postings
@vfs2018 What do you mean by low impedance cable, are you talking interconnects? Which brand have you found to be best?  
Shunyata Omega QR BB vs AudioQuest Dragon HC
@nyev Looks like Agon censors any contact info, try looking up my profile on USAM again, I have a live ad on there, just respond to that ad and we can start an e-mail dialogue that way.  
Power cords: Kimber Kable Palladium
I have never had Kimber PCs in my system, but one of the best system I have ever heard had Kimber cables throughout on $90K Khama speakers and about $50k of Conrad Johnson electronics. That room sounded better than the $1M + rooms at the same show... 
Power Cord for DAC
If you like timbre and tone, Shunyata power cables are amazing. Try Alpha NR v2, and don’t feed the trolls as always.  
Warm Tube Amp(s) to Tame Hyper-Accurate Speakers?
I second other poster’s comment on cables, without knowing what cables you are using, power, interconnect and speaker, no one can tell you why things are off. Another high probability is speaker placement in the room and toe in, it’s very likely y... 
Nordost Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables
@nyev I have heard Nordost power cords are better on sources and pres than amps, but I wouldn't know first hand. As I wrote above I am auditioning an Odin 2 PC on my Dac/Pre, which fixes any shortcoming V2 has, incredibly fast yet full bodied, the... 
Gryphon Amp Owners: Results with AQ Niagara?
The Niagara 5000 has transient power correction which gives 90A of current reserve on the high current outlet, this is something Audioquest 1000/1200 does not have, and will make a huge difference to amps.  
Nordost Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables
@nyev Really interested in your impression of Dragon vs. Omega after all are broken in. Maybe using a cord extender to connect to 5 fridge would help. What characteristics do you hear from the Omega QR that is so much above the AQ, and how does it... 
Gryphon Amp Owners: Results with AQ Niagara?
I have used Boulder 1160 into the high current output of a Niagara 5000, to me that sounded as good if not better than into the wall. Things are more refined and polished. Would it be possible to try both configurations and see which you like bet... 
Nordost Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables
@nyev You are 100% not alone in the recognition that Nordost is absolutely amazing and deserving of their prestige. I say this as someone who was once thought Nordost was bright, bleached and over priced. Now when I have a system that's properly b...