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Much appreciated, thank you uberwaltz! 
Mine arrived without any info on 610 recommended tracking force. What do you set yours at? Thanks in advance.  
MRA : Myth or Menace?
Whatthe, can you share what RCM you presently use?Thanks, James 
Graham Supreme 10 inch mounting
Thank you so much. I asked the question because I was not supplied with any protractor for my long arm. Your answer is very complete, much appreciated! 
Jean Nantais Reference Lenco Mk2 vs Mk3
With regards to the specific question of this post, let's remember that the main ingredient of the Reference Lenco MKIII is the Reference Lenco. The original Reference Lenco itself was deemed Upper Class A by Salvatore, equal to or superior in eve... 
don allen gen II pre amp vs. Maple tree 4se
I have owned both and kept the Don Allen.It beat my Audionote L4 in terms of involvement and timbral accuracy and tonal completeness. The Mapletree was completely uninvolving. 
Jean Nantais Lenco Reference mk. ii user feedback
The Nantais wheel, is just that: his own design. Not procured elsewhere, but designed and made here in Ontario. The idler wheel bearing is new, as well as the special rubber compound used for better grip. He also modifies the speed control mechani... 
Jean Nantais Lenco Reference mk. ii user feedback
I have a MK2. The sonic improvements of the new idler wheel are significant, completely as advertised, ie not subtle. Perhaps as big as the bearing mod. Mine sits on an Adona-like stand on concrete. 
Phono pre direct to amp, what am I missing?
He can also fit in his excellent stepped attenuator to his phono stage (which I also owned in the past) to provide you with the volume control you may need. 
Phono pre direct to amp, what am I missing?
I run the Coincident Statement Phono directly into my monoblocks without issue. 
Coincident Statement Phono Preamp
I have one. It is quite excellent and versatile. 
Assistance with Coincident set-up
I strongly suggest you change your preamp to the Coincident Statement. It really mates well with the Franks and extracts more oompf and dynamic power out of the Franks.I have owned the Franks in a larger room than yours with good effect on large o... 
Stand out phono stages
Coincident Statement Phono Stage. Astonishing!From an ex-owner of Aesthetix, Manley, K&K and Walker reference phono stages, to name a few. 
tonearm for Gerrard or Lenco idler wheel turntable
I have heard Jean's latest Uber all-out effort that was commissioned by a prominent reviewer. It sports a Phantom 2 and sounded wonderful. 
Counterpoint SA-9
Yes, but only the Alta Vista modified version.I found it wanting in the lower spectrum compared to the IO.I recommend the current offering from Coincident as an interesting alternative, combining the best of both designs.