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is oppo only bluray w/ hdmi in, stereo analog out?
To my understanding, the best Oppo players for the 2 channel analog audio are the 83-SE / 95 / 105.Unless I'm missing something, the 2Channel sound using the analog outputs on my 83-SE sounds a minimum 150% better in every way...clarity, sound Sep... 
Norah Jones
Norah is simply a beautiful young lady with a voice & style to match. Many who know of her DO NOT know about her "NewYork City" masterpiece. As far as I know, it's her only voyage into the "Blusey, Jazzy and CLASSY rap" genra's.I bring the CD ... 
looking for cable recommendations
I was a Transparent fanatic until I was forced to use a MIT MH-750 I had laying around to replace a High-end Transparent ($3k) on my right B&W 800n.To make it short....ALL OF MY CABLES (speaker, interconnect, power) are now MIT. I never really... 
B&W 800 N & D Series - General Advice Needed
Ok...good thread for me:-)I've owned the 802ns and the 800ns. I directly compared the 800s to the 800Ds with the same equipment & room. I have NOT heard the 805s but they are the best selling & highest resale B&W out there and I will s... 
Sad news for VPI - from their Facebook page...
My prayers are with her and her family 
Best Classical to "broaden" listening arena?
Well, as usual, you have Exceeded my expectations!!Thank you very much as I have enough great input to put together a plan and begin my "classical" journey.Dave 
Best product/way to clean CD laser lens?
Elizabeth,Just a quick note thanking you for regularly sharing your knowledge on these threads:-)Dave 
B&W 802 Diamond or 800 Nautilus
The 800n is much fuller in bass & mid. The D tweeter is a little better to my ears. I have the 800ns & have directly compared them to the 800ds, with the Ns winning hands down (to my ears). IMHO, no comparison to any of the 802 models. 
Good 2 channel amp to pair with Integra DTR 9.9
You might consider 2 mono's also. Bryston is an excellent choice and amps are one of the "safer" components to buy used. Check if you have a high-end audio dealer close to you & request a home audition to hear some for yourself. Your price ran... 
I need some CD player suggestions please
I second the Sony suggestion. A big issue with used CD players is service when needed is SERVICE, and I find Sony's service simply stellar. They also make great equipment that matches or exceeds many other brands performance costing 5 to 10 times ... 
integra dhc 80.1
The diff is the 80.2 is 3D ready 
Why is my Velodyne DD-18 "blowing up? "
Thx to each of you for your help. I will take it in to a tech right away 
Separate Insurance Policy - LP's, Memorabilia, Etc
Simply get a "Rider" as mentioned earlier for any item you have of special worth--only insure it for the replacement cost--NOT the appraised value--the insurance company will try first to replace the item with one of their "many" contacts, or just... 
Switched or Unswitched outlets--please
Thanks Puerto & others--I appreciate your time & wisdom 
Switched or Unswitched outlets--please
BTW--my Cable DVR is plugged into a seperate power supply so I do not lose programmng when turning everyhing else off.My amps are Bryston & seem to work fine right away without warm up time?