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Shiit yggdrasil
I've had several DACs over the years, most recently the Wyred4sound DAC2. For those looking for a reasonably priced DAC and don't care about DSD or preamp functions, this DAC sounds unlike anything else I have ever heard. Detail, soundstage, reali... 
What direction with new DAC?
Just an update. caught up in the holidays and haven't made a move yet. For a similar price to the Yggy is the Lampi Amber. Again, impossible to listen to. Anyone with experience listening to both or at least the Amber? 
What direction with new DAC?
Thanks. Actually looking at the Chord as well. Always near the to of everyone's lists. 
What direction with new DAC?
I am definitely leaning towards giving the Schiit a chance and keeping the Wyred until I'm satisfied. Can always sell the Yggy if disappointed. I haven't read anything here or anywhere else that wasn't extremely positive. Little to lose. Thanks ev... 
What direction with new DAC?
Mapman, isn't this whole hobby built on want instead of need? I want a new dac. Certainly don't need one. 
What direction with new DAC?
Thanks Mapman. Enjoy your posts. Had a pair of Ohm F's waaay back in the day. With the almost daily changes in computer audio, when do you jump in for an upgrade? I am sure if I wait another 12 months, something better will be available...but like... 
What direction with new DAC?
I was not referring to the Yggy as inferior but Really asking if the Wyred Dac2 was. My concern is that I might be pumping money into the upgrade and not getting better technology 
What direction with new DAC?
Not familiar with the Audio-GD master but will investigate. In my price range. 
What direction with new DAC?
Thanks George. Most of my music is PC based at this point with a fair amount of hi res downloads using JRiver. I know my budget is slightly restrictive but I don't want to invest in what may be now inferior technology. Looking for improvements n i... 
What direction with new DAC?
Certainly willing based on the reviews to sink another $1509 into the Wyred SE upgrade just for the better components and Femto clock. Just was wondering if there was a better alternative. The Yggy takes a vastly different approach but near imposs... 
Help with speaker cable under $500 for new system
I have been trying different "budget" cables for years, among them Anti cable ICs and speakers, some home brews and even some Tara Labs. The Clear Days in my system were a revelation. The ICs which are not always available actually made the bigges... 
Who is using Dirac?
Scvan,I did think the delay and gain adjustment was an improvement in imaging as you describe. I was hoping for a bit more pin point clarity. I think the filters are merely trial and error to suit my tastes Biggest negative is figuring out the cor... 
Mcintosh Quality after buyout by D&M holdings
I have had the C1s with a Mac 352 and C2300 for about two years and am In heaven. These are the original C1s not the series 2 and do need power. The 352 is a great amp and great bargain. Talk to Mike at Audio Classics 
Good inexpensive temporary speakers
I actually had the Boxers as a temp speaker a few years ago andt hought they were the bargain of the century. The speakers are easy to drive and easy to place. Great voicing. 
mc302 or mc352
I have owned a 352 for about five years now. I have it matched with a C2300 and love it. I think most here will tell you that the 352 is closer to the most current 452 and it's predecesor the 402 in sound and build.