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Anyone else get burned Boltz
I had no luck contacting them via phone or email as well. It would have been convenient to get an expansion but this may be a blessing in disguise, I hated how CD/SACDs would fall behind them when adding or removing discs if you didn't immediately... 
Anyone else get burned Boltz
Has anyone else had any experience with Boltz recently?  
Who is still making CD transports?
I made a mistake in my post, what I mean is the actual transport mechanism itself if one was looking to manufacture a CD transport.  
Turntable that will be around heavy foot steps?
Thanks very much for all the advice guys! I was asking true to the conditions outlined in the first post, so no drilling wall shelves at a convention :) 
Koetsu Rosewood - Best/safest way to clean stylus
With wet cleaning all vinyl (new and used) I have never felt anything more than an up and down on a magic eraser was needed. Under a microscope the stylus looks perfect and on gross inspection after record sides there is never any lint, dust, debr... 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
A friend of mine that runs a SET amp with 300B output recently had one of his Elrog 300B fail. Prior to that he had been using modern WE 300B for as long as I've known him which is a good 7 years. 
Analog Impressions from Munich High End 2015
Atmasphere is the 12" Tri-Planar using the same bearings as the 9" VII? Any other differences besides the length/effective mass? 
The Vendetta does need extremely closely matched JFETs which are no longer made. IMHO I would only let John Curl work on the unit. 
Mobile Fidelity Surface Noise
Also there is lots of tape hiss on Van Gelder's 60s recordings. His equipment did not have the best SNR. On Joe Henderson's Page One and Grant Green's Idle Moments the tape hiss is present on every version I've heard including the original first p... 
Mobile Fidelity Surface Noise
Davef if this is the MM 33 rpm reissue for Idle Moments or Blue Train, they are repressing it because the first pressing run of 1000 sold out. 
Basis Audio Super Arm 9
Anyone upgrading to SA9 from a Graham Phantom II Supreme? 
Retipping Miyajima mono cartridge
"Dnath, not to sound snitty but have you considered at the time those "vintage mono LPs" were produced that only conical styli were common?"Understandable, which is why I try to only buy very close to NM, seldom played. Groove wear and damage is a... 
ZYX R100 Yatra
Thank you, I've owned Zyx in the past. I enjoy their cartridges as well. 
ZYX R100 Yatra
Any preference or further thoughts? 
ZYX R100 Yatra
Syntax have you ever compared UNIverse 1 with XV-1s?