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Kudos to AAudio and Lee Island Audio
Jazdoc, Thank you for your kind words. It is not often we hear about the good things. We always hear about what we did wrong so thanks again.Al 
Seeking suggestions for Preamp
All very fine choices but I would definitely add the Einstein preamp to your list 
Triplanar RCA out to Balanced out for MP-1
I have made this change. It requires more than just changing the connector. Check with Tri Mai as suggested. He will provide the procedure to make the change correctly. 
what are"fun" speakers?
Gawdbless, that is exactly what happens when my mates first see my Acapella Triolon speakers. That is until they hear them. 
Analog Help Please
The Tri-Planar arm has an adjustment for where the anti-skate starts to take effect. There is a small mono-filament line which is connected to the anti skate arm. This line can be adjusted so the anti skate takes effect as soon as the arm is lower... 
Review: Acapella Triolons Speaker
Fred, one of the difficulties with bi-wiring with the Einstein amps is that the binding posts on the Einstein amps do not accommodate two spade connections.They are excellent binding posts but to bi-wire, one set of speaker cables must be fitted w... 
Review: Acapella Triolons Speaker
Amfibius, thank you for the kind words. I really do appreciate it. Now if I can get my wife to agree I will be all set. BTW please keep us posted on your Violons with the new Cary amps. Fred, I will definitely post my findings on the Triolons with... 
Review: Acapella Triolons Speaker
I recently accepted delivery on my set of Triolons. I believe the third set in the US at the moment. I have no doubt there will be many more after their debut at RMAF. The job of moving them into my piling house was a hair raising experience. 7 fo... 
Review: Acapella Triolons Speaker
Carlos, in your recent posts you mentioned the Triolon speakers with distain.Have you ever heard these speakers?I much prefer Fred's simple approach to building a fine system than your conglomeration of re-mastering equipment. If your posts are ac... 
Teres, redpoint or galibier turntable
I love my Gavia and Thom is a pleasure to work with. I run dual arms and the Gavia is all the table I will ever need. Daned and Audiotomb have said it well. 
Box for LP's
Check out this 
voltage/polarity issues with isoclean transformer
I have not tested the transformers in my system but I would be very interested in the result of your inquiry. Please keep us posted.Thanks 
How does one go about auditioning a new turntable?
Get a Galibier Sarac and matched arm from Thom Mackris and forget about the rest. I would however, start with a new amp. 
turntable to computer - another question
Check out the "Ripper" by Jim Hagerman. It works very well. 
tubes and analog
So basically Raul misrepresented the entire episode or at the very least postedsketchy info that he had not verified. This seems to be a pattern. How can we possibly take Raul's comments as true in any of his posts? Claiming an Atma blew up and da...