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Decca cartridge experiences
topoxforddoc,which arm have you mounted your c4e on?? It's a heavy beast! Does it respond best to the "usual" decca partnership of a damped unipivot? Or does the bakelite body change matters?Regards, 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
@Weseixas: By Jean, no. By yourself, yes...once you've discounted the cost of the Lenco itself. 
Good compatible carts for RS Labs A-1 tonearm?
It is an interesting observation that mm carts "tend" to be threadless and mc carts the opposite.... wonder why that is.. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Jim:Bullseye. IMHO, of course. 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Etch,elastic will do just as well. Or pantyhose/stockings apparently. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Jimpen,Nothing wrong with MCs..... but Raul's point is there's nothing wrong with MM's either! In fact there is much right. It's just in the past 20+ years MC fever took over the vinyl world and MMs were pretty much neglected until this thread.As ... 
Garrard 401 or Thorens Td 124 II
Re: Gilbodavid's post... that's my point. bang for buck lenco is up there with the 401s and 124s....once suitably plinthed etc. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Dgob, I look forward to hearing this "marvel" of a cart...I do feel blessed indeed esp for the price i paid!Btw, no offense intended in my last post re the AT cart designation and i hope none taken! :)Enjoy... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Dgob, may i refer you to Raul's post on 06-13-09 where he says: "In those times the people ( directly ) of AT told me that the SS designation was for those cartridges where ( through measures/tests. ) its spes comes a little better.In both cases (... 
Garrard 401 or Thorens Td 124 II
how did you come to this short list? If idlers are your thing... try lenco and spend the savings on more lps! :) 
Experience w/ Trans-Fi Auio Terminator Tone Arm?
I too have that trepidation about setting up things unknown. but once i've saved up enough cash, will take the plunge....with a cheap cartridge! hahaha :) Seriously.Many ppl have expressed gr8 satisfaction with this arm, just not on this forum. As... 
MintLP arc protractor
more accurate way to measure? how about something stiffer/thinner than the cardboard? 
Lenco TT assembly in L.A.
oregon, think you mean lencoheaven.netif you didn't....sorry! :) 
Can a small amount of bleach hurt your records?
Zeal,there are a couple of loooong threads on steaming and rcms.. No issues. I'm, steaming and sucking it all up with a vpi 17. Works for me! Fyi, i'm using the Mintlp solution. Works a treat! Yes the very same mint as in mint tractor. yip is a mu... 
Should I use Myrtlewood blocks under my Lenco 75 ?
may i point you towards for some ideas on plinths....!