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Vintage Denon Direct Drive Turntable
I had a DP75 which was similar with the two piece platter. It was a less expensive version of the 80 for some reason,can't remember what the difference was. About a year old the speed became unregulated and it took off like a helicopter!Interestin... 
What is your dream turntable?
I love them all. I have over a dozen 'tables but not one was megabucks. Sota Star Saphire III in rosewood, Sota Cosmos (original)in white Fountainhead, two Oracle Delphis (Mark one or two,who can tell the difference)? Luxman PD-300 belt drive vacu... 
Store LPs outside of Jacket??
To stop the record from shifting during shipping and splitting the spline.For normal storage keep the record inside the jacket. 
Thrift store finds?
Original Marantz 7C, 8B and model 10 all for $30. (just kidding). Have seen Altec console speakers and large Advents in abundance here in Upstate NY.Have picked up many sealed newer records for a dollar or two, but you have to have patience going ... 
LP shipping
The only time I have had LPs warp is when the shrink wrap is left on. Granted,I am in NY, but leaving the shrink on (sealed LP) will almost certainly warp a record if it is left in a car while you are doing other shopping.The first thing I do is s... 
What's a good cartridge for infinity black widow?
Rodman is right, not only is the widow ridiculously low mass,it is also a double knife edge bearing (like the early SMEs).These were once thought to "chatter" if too low a compliance cartridge is used.Most moving coils would be out of the question... 
Audio web site
Based on some of the ads I've seen on Audiogon they might also be wise to include a spellchecker! Also,an automatic filter block for the word "minty". Still not really sure what that means. 
Is it questionable to buy new popular music on LP?
As a big fan of the local college radio station here in Rochester NY I bought The Format Dog Problems from the band's web site. I remember K-Tel making better sounding records! It actually sounds better on my car radio! 
Altec Lansing A7's 50's model
Picked up a pair of Altec Valencia Bs about ten years ago,still have them. Same driver compliment,only 8 ohms. This started a fire in me and I am always scouring the used/consignment pro audio stores for bargains. The best one here in town does no... 
Preference for large drivers?
After 35 years of playing with this stuff including Apogee,Magnepan,Merlin,B+W,Kef,etc. speakers my Altec Valencia Bs have inspired me to build my own speakers: JBL 2205 15" woofers,Altec 902 drivers on Mantaray horns in a two way configuration.I ... 
SOTA, soft feet or cones, when to use either?
I bought finished slabs of marble from Mr. Seconds, about 20" x 20" and use it under the cones on both of my Sotas.I guess it sort of "couples" the table to a larger mass,in theory making this a hundred pound turntable. The biggest reason I did th... 
Silliest audiophile equipment of all time?
Plasmatronics plasma speakers,motorised belt driven subwoofer (I forgot the name),ion tweeters,helium filled speakers,any speaker cable over $20. a foot, any turntable over $10K,overpriced wooden blocks,etc. 
Klipschorn with Tube Amps
I sold these new in the 80's. All we had were solid state amps (Mac,Yamaha,etc.).The sound was big and hard.I recently had a pair of Lascalas,now use a pair of Altec Valencia Bs with a pair of 845 triode amps. This is as realistic as anything I ha... 
Vinyl newbie - have a few questions
Windex or Glass Plus????? 
G.A.S sleeping beauty
Bought one of these NOS from JM Sound about a year ago, like it as well as anything I own.