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Aurender Conductor V4 issues
Same. Conductor app sucks for me!  
Anyone with Aric Audio experience?
Yes, be assured that you will be getting something special with Aric. I have the 300B and 6SN7 line stage. I'm extremely satisfied.  
Lumin U2 or Aurender N200
You are correct! Sounds to me like you need to snag the Aurender. MC!  
Lumin U2 or Aurender N200
FWIW, I use the U2mini in my 12k office system  and the N200 in my 40k large room system. Both are perfect for their application. If they were swapped around it would be a mismatch.  
Lumin upgrade
Keep us informed of your assessment. I have the U2mini and may want to go that way myself.  
Is there such a thing as a good medium priced music streamer?
+ 1 for the U2 mini.  
Streamer question
Sometimes change can seem intimidating or just a hassle. I have two Node's no longer in use. Move on and give it a few weeks. You won't look back. BTW, I have Lumin u2 mini with Roon in one room and Aurender N200 in the other.  
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
@12many   Thanks. I am assuming that's the problem. I am using a consumer grade cable now and plan to upgrade very soon.    
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
Conductor drops out on my iPad every few minutes so I am constantly reconnecting, a major PIA! Other than that it's fine, not as good as Roon but the sound quality is great. Warmer or brighter? No coloration that I perceive. I hope to somehow get ... 
Aric Audio and my system
Aric just posted the new 2A3 on FB.   
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
That's what I got. I've had mine a month or so. I think you will like it the longer you have it.  
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Mine (for now) are Klipsch AL5 La Scala. I'm not a big Klipsch fan but I needed to fill a 25 by 30' room with a 9wpc 300B amp with a 10k budget plus 4k for two rel subs. I know there's much better but this setup satisfies my ears completely. If ... 
Aric Audio and my system
I use the Aric 6sn7 with my super 300b. I can't imagine using anything else.  
Subwoofer Basics Help
+1 for Rel. They are able to integrate easier than most other subs with their high level connection explained by bigtwin. As for cost, that's gonna depend on a few things, mostly room size. The Rel's disappear when set up properly until the music... 
Let's Talk DAC's
+1 for the Gungnir. I've had one for quite a while and it still sounds great. I have other dacs and I'm not a fan of Schiit (stupid name btw) but hats off for the Gungnir.