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Ring Clamps. What do you think?
Doug, I started the thread, why would I be trolling? If you read my original question you would have my seen my final comment,"I could be wrong". Vacuums weren't practical and went away, in my opinion outer ring clamps are a luxury, if not a fad. 
Ring Clamps. What do you think?
Stringbean,Ever notice the interlocking joints on the pavement of a long bridge? The bridge needs to have some play or it will surely collapse. That's engineering, same as with the guitar.If you believe movement and air have no place in turntable ... 
Which feet for VPI Scout
The upgraded VPI feet produce a nice rock solid bass and and a more defined mid-range. They cost about $170 used were the best upgrade I made for the money. I use a 3" maple block. 
New Music Direct Catalog
I framed it. It's on my systems page. 
Did you get your new Music Direct catalogue yet?
Just framed the Springsteen cover. Check out My System pics to it. 
How do you like your VPI Prime?
I'm surprised at the lack of response to this thread. To hear Matt @ VPI tell it they couldn't make them fast enough. Other than Joe jrs. one word review no one has an opinion to share? 
worst sounding great lps
New Morning. 
My wife passed yesterday
Sorry for your loss. 
Do prefer a black or silver faceplate?
Silver has the nice horizontal grain just faintly visible with the super clean silk screening you just don't get to appreciate in the black finish.I feel the same way when it's comes to my choice of a wood finish. Never ever black. 
VPI new stuff...
Mofi,I actually knew that and lost sight of my concentration while typing the above comment.Thanks for clarifying.Dread 
VPI new stuff...
Speaking of profits,Now all of a sudden the $2500 price tag for the Prime is just an "introductory" price.If you don't happen to have the cash ready in the next two and half months your out of luck. The price jumps to $2800 justs 10 weeks after it... 
Granite surface plate
I don't recommend this.I have one from a machine shop and it really sounded bright and shrill.I use a 3" thick maple block and I'm very happy with the warm clean sound wood brings to the table. 
Pro-Ject turntables
Mc240,I own a Wood 2.9 and I'm looking to upgrade.Let me know if your interested and I'm sure we could work something out.Dread 
Your favourite recording label?
CSNY 1974 ..... pretty perfect
I was at the show in Jersey the night Nixon resigned. I will never forget the madness that ensured after Crosby made the announcement.Carry On indeed.