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DAC diminishing returns
For the record I stream with an Ethernet connection to a raspberry pie 3 with a digihat and a Toslink connection to my bifrost. This HAT and toslink are a weak link. You’ll get much better quality output from Pi through RCA coax (or better with... 
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
I've used SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers, purchased from SVS Outlet store about $1k. Great at that price, and competitive (or some said better) with KEF LS50. Excellent service customer service too.  
Desk top speakers at low cost
I got Q Accoustics Concept 20 with iso-accoustics stands for office. Perfect fit with small size. Work well. https://www.qacoustics.com/products/concept-20-bookshelf-speaker-pair    
GaN based amplifier made in the USA from Class-D Audio USA
Great customer service. I have a four channel amp sound outstanding (SDS-470). Not GaN. Initially had an issue with one of the four channels out, returned, got a beefed up power supply 800VA torroid and 60,000 uF power supply. No issues since (3 y... 
Amp keeps shutting off
Had an issue with a Primare amp randomly going into fault shut down, couldn’t figure it out. Manufacturer rep was very helpful, suggested it could be DC in the AC (from other devices leaking into home AC). That was confirmed by torroid transformer... 
Buying a DAC when you can't try it first
There’s an audio science review testing site that offers good tech data on specs and how well chip is implemented. Some Topping, SMSL, RME DACs score well. Benchmark is great choice too. I like it.  
Sam here.l realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy?
As a professional, I have to keep up appearances so nowadays I get my hair cut once a year, whether I need it or not. 
This Equipment Recommendation Actually Worked Out Well!
Would this type of isolation transformer remove DC in the AC line? Had an amp that would randomly shut down, manufacturer (Primare) said it was probably caused by DC on the AC power line.  
Tweaks that work? (yes very subjective topic)
I've got a lot of noise on the line, so PS Audio noise harvesters and ifi noise filters made a perceivable improvement.    
Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
For small footprint, I got a set of Q Acoustics Concept 20 and supported on IsoAccoustic stand (they do fit). Good compromise/balance of price, quality, and small footprint.Not sure if they’re the best, but they sound good to me in office setting ... 
Beginner Audiophile. How to chose a right amp? Recommendation for my setup?
Buy used, best bang for the buck. Audiogon is very reliable.  Most of my systems are used, never a problem with vendor except a dude named Vlad Zharkov in Mississauga, ON (buyer beware!). Otherwise get ClassDAudio.com amp.  Great value + lots of c... 
Turntable mat options
I've had bad static issues where the mat sticks to vinyl.  Tried felt, deer, cork, herbies, and music hall 2 level cork. Herbies was ok. But best solution to static with noticeable improvement in clarity- resolution was TransFi Res-o-mat.  No stat... 
Buzzing through speaker's tweeters - PrimaLuna Dialogue Two Integrated
Same problem, my problem seems to be a bad turntable cable, catching rfi.  Very annoying also that I'm near radio broadcast towers, sometimes that's in there too, sporadically.  
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
I have BP#2, Dynavector 10x5, Hana SL, Art9, and Scheu SL. Art9 has best resolution, tone, energy, best in my stable. The Scheu has slight advantage over Hana SL, but not huge, like difference between Art9.Same listening preferences, jazz, rock. L... 
Big Data, Big Brother
Cell phone # is used now, the way social security # used to be used, to uniquely identify each person uniquely.  Then there's cross-referenced contacts, from each phone, matching names and phone # that all apps upload...