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oppo dvd players
If you're passing it digitally to your Integra then it doesn't matter.The new BDP-83 SE will beat the pants off of your Integra. 
Differences between Parasound A23 and A21?
I too feel the A21 is a nice step up from the A23. Just put them side by side and look at them. The sound is analogous to the physical differences. 
Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amplifier
Steve is referring to me (he now owns my JC-1s). In a smaller room and with summer temperatures, they can become a little unbearable especially since there are two of them dispensing heat. They do sound exceptional with a tube preamp (Aesthetix Ca... 
McIntosh MC402 vs. Bryston 4B SST
What makes you so sure of that Paul? Simply stating that it is better doesn't do anyone any good...care to elaborate please? 
Amp to go with Emm dcc2 se and wilson sophias
John, I'd venture those to be a tad more than $4-6k. :) 
Musical Fidelity Trivista 300
Contact Signal Path and ask. 
JC1, Pass X250.5, CJ Premier 350, Krell 300cx
You won't go wrong with the JC-1s. In high bias, they are gut crushing yet subtly musical monsters. 
Wow CDs everywhere...What to do?
What DAC are you using, and what's the rest of your system?I've toyed with doing this... 
What to do with 1,200 CDs I don't need
Given what you're going to get for them, maybe $1-2 each based on what eBay lots go for, I'd keep them. I don't sell CDs I don't like, and every once in a while pull something out from my B-list and actually end up enjoying it...then again, this b... 
Old Revel Studio/Salon:anybody sells discounted?
I had read that the factory is now selling the Salons sealed for 12k (from another thread).I'm waiting for the Studios to drop..as they will soon :) 
Von Schweikert VR4Jr how is it w/o biwire?
Double biwire with two pairs - one to the M/T, one to the lower posts of the sub unit. Anything else is inferior. 
What pre to use with Vons and Bryston 2B-SST?
If you want a warmer sound, get that Bryston out of your system and put in something like a McCormack DNA-125/225. I tried a Bryston 4BSST, 7BST monos and 14BSST with my 4JRs and I hated all three - it's just too bright and uninvolving for the VSA... 
Levinson amp accept "Bananas" ??
I believe it goes back 10 years with the introduction of the first 3 series (331/332/333). These are high torque screw down posts to ensure a tight fit on the spades. No way to get a banana in there. 
TRL Marantz Sa-14
Comments on balanced versus single-ended connections for the TRL 14? 
Burned out hi fi salesman
Just learn to shop on Audiogon. Solve all those problems. :)