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Are Quicksilver power tube amps in the same league as VAC, VTL, BAT, ARC, ...?
I have a pair of V-4 Monoblocs at 120 watts per channel. They use KT-88's 4 per side. Sound great imaging and the instruments are awesome.  
Anyone remember the Sonogy Concept 60 power amp?
Russ was  a good friend of mine. I am still running a Black Knight and a Concept 60 in my system. They are doing bass duty in my system and are phenomenal. The only reason the Concept 60 is doing bass duty is that I have a pair of Quicksilver V4's... 
The longest you have owned any gear?
That would be my Pioneer Elite PD-65 CDP. I bought it around 1992-93. With all the reasonably priced DAC's available today, it now does duty as a transport. The thing is a tank. 
Anyone know about sforzando design JL One
I too have a set of these loudspeakers. They are everything rcprince said and more. I can confidently say they will be my last speaker system. I know this might be a vague term in audio, but they sound like music to me. I am also in the NJAS and t... 
New Preamp Suggestions
Well I got out today and listened to a few of the usual suspects that were recommended as choices. But it looks like fate has stepped in to take a hand. I like the AI too much, don't want to mess with a line stage PP situation and the wife needs a... 
New Preamp Suggestions
BTW, this is really not relevant to a preamp thread, but my brain just shook it to the front and I simply have to share it. My 2009 Chevy Silverado has a 5.7 engine that has been known to have fuel management control problems in certain cylinders.... 
New Preamp Suggestions
Stereo5,From your post it appears that Art went back to the stepped volume controls of the M3, instead of the smooth ones on the M3A, true?John 
New Preamp Suggestions
Thank you very much everyone. Since I have the Quickies, I am leaning away from the Cary, although of course I will have to listen. The VAC is a nice suggestion. I am in NJ but I will read about AVM too. Looks like the M3A upgrade to the M3B might... 
To Dac or not to Dac
Well I settled on the Micromega MyDac because it had 3 different inputs and I got it new for $369. Got it today and will try it out tomorrow. It will also help me with my old laptop that I want to try as a music server. Always good to have new toy... 
To Dac or not to Dac
Thank you,My choices were not etched in stone, but were price driven models. Thanks for your input on the Cam and the Peach. 
tube preamp in SS receiver loop
Vesuvio,You are on the right track and I agree with Fmalitz. I have direct experience with what you want to do. When I wanted to do separates years ago I could not afford a tube pre and power amp. Plus I have a fairly large room and I like orchest... 
Rega Brio R vs Wyred or Bel Canto
Drop,I know this is a bit late but I have the MH a15.2 and it doesn't have any pre outs. There is something called a line out but it is really a tape out because it is a fixed output where you can't control the volume. The way it is set up now if ... 
Caps on a Powered Sub
Orpheus10,Thank you very much! 
Caps on a Powered Sub
Orpheus,Thanks for trying to help but I have to tell you I am very technically challenged on parts and where they go. Are you saying add them to the existing crossover in the powered sub (below) and then attach a cap to the speaker wire on the boo... 
Caps on a Powered Sub
I did not get any caps yet. I was asking where do I put them? The bookshelves, the powered sub, etc.